Sleep Talk - Joane Goulding

Sleep Talk - Joane Goulding

Contained in this book are secrets so simple it's a tragedy that everyone doesn't know them, and so powerful that it's not outlandish to describe the results as miracles. If you could whisper in your child's ear, 'Your life will be wonderful and happy' and make it happen wouldn't you call it a miracle?

The information found in this book is for every parent who wants their children to reach their potential - whatever that potential may be. It is for children with difficulties and for children with none.

What do parents really want for their children? Whether it's career success, financial security, good health, a stable marriage or any other desirable asset, nothing is really possible without good self-esteem, a positive attitude and experience and acceptance of love.

Do you know the power of words? In the day-to-day business of being a parent, trying to establish guidelines and encourage appropriate behaviour, we often say things, which on the face of it seem quite harmless. For instance, we may say, 'You're such a little terror!' as we grab our child for a hug. We know what we mean but a child's world is very literal and a message like that, repeated over and over, will become part of his or her reality. Such a message may be interpreted in any number of ways: 'She likes me to be a terror? Why does she like me or not like me? I get rewarded when I'm a terror: I got smacked yesterday when she called me a terror but today I got hugged.' Confusion may occur, creating doubt, and a snowball effect of disharmony is created. 'Sleep Talk' can help assist in counteracting this possible confusion and disharmony.

The tools in this book are invaluable to every parent. There is an easy to read guide of how to instill positive reinforcement through the process of 'Sleep Talk'. The book also comes with a companion CD, which outlines the process in a simple and brief audio guide in Joan's own voice, which will help develop the tone to be used in the technique.

Joane Goudling has been an educator for some thirty years, with extensive experience in stress management and nutrition. Joane has specialised in the biopsychococial aspect of stress and mind management. She has published many papers and lectured throughout Australia and in the USA and New Zealand. For 22 years Joane was Director of the Australian Academy of Hypnotic Science. The English International Biographical Directory shows her as awarded a 'Distinguished Achievement' and the American Biographical Institute recognised her 'Outstanding Service to the Healing Profession'.

'Sleep Talk' has been endorsed by some of the leading psychologists specialising in children's needs, other health practitioners in Australia and Internationally.

"'Sleep Talk' for Children is one of the most useful tools I have used in over two decades of being in clinical practice. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the process is the way in which Joane considered her ethical obligations to both the parents and the child."
Sandi B Rogers M Ed, ND, DMH
CEO National College of Traditional Medicine