Sexual Intelligence Kim Cattrall, Sex in the City

Sexual Intelligence Kim Cattrall, Sex in the City
Her portrayal of frank-talking Samantha Jones in the hit TV show 'Sex in the City' has made her an international star. Her bestselling book Satisfaction: The Art of the Female Orgasm sold over 260,000 copies worldwide. Now in 'Sexual Intelligence', Kim Cattrall helps explain what turns us on and why.

Sexual Intelligence takes an entertaining yet deeply informed approach to examining sexual behaviour. Kim Cattrall draws on some of the most authoritative sources on the subject, as well as on the insights of ordinary people. Complementing the text are paintings, erotic artifacts and photographs of the human body.

Written in the same accessible style that made 'Satisfaction' a best-seller, Kim Cattrall's 'Sexual Intelligence' is very very hot, & smart book about sex.

About Kim Cattrall:
Born in Liverpool, England, and raised in Canada. At the age of 16, she moved to New York to study at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. She has worked in stage, film, and television, earing international fame as Samantha in the hit TV series 'Sex in the City'. She recently starred in director Peter Hall's production of 'Who's Life is it Anyway?'.

Publisher: Hardie & Grant
ISBN: 0-8212-6175-4
RRP $39.95

It's a big subject, where nature and culture collide. Sex excites our bodies, expresses our identities, feeds off our imaginations, and touches our souls. It connects our deepest selves to the world outside. How we manage it determines the value it can have to enrich our lives. But how do we navigate the mysteries of sex?

We say we are swept away, possessed, overtaken - all of which acknowledge the force of desire but never its logic. Is it possible to develop a kind of sexual intelligence, one that can deepen our pleasure and give us a greater awareness of ourselves? The Greek poet Sappho called desire a 'delicate fire' racing beneath the skin. What better way to describe a force that draws so heavily upon both our suface and our inner lives?

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