Sesame Street Old School Volume 2

Sesame Street Old School Volume 2

Can you dig it?

Disc 1

* Episode 666 (6th season premiere), originally aired November 4th, 1974.
Relive the groovy days of retro Sesame with Counting Lights; Enter and Exit; Africa; What's the Name of that Song?; Bert & Ernie: Scary Movie; Beetle Bailey; First & Last Pencils; Frog Struggle.

Classic Cuts:
* Telephone Rock (EKA: Episode 0733)
* Richard Pryor: Alphabet (EKA: Episode 0862)
* Here Is Your Life: Loaf of Bread (EKA: Episode 0709)
* Arthur Ashe: Over and Under (EKA: Episode 0978)
* Magic Pig Calypso Song
* Don Music writes "Mary Had a Bicycle" (EKA: Episode 0698)
* The Pointer Sisters' Swinging Alphabet (EKA: Episode 0802)
* Super Grover: Stopping a Fight (EKA: Episode 0682)
* Henson Ball High Wire #3
* Richie Havens: Wonder Child
* Twiddlebugs: Postage Stamp (EKA: Episode 0961)
* "The Subway" (EKA: Episode 0808)
* Jose Feliciano: Arroz Con Leche
* Chicken Hatching (film) (EKA: Episode 1845)
* Sesame Street News: Jack Be Nimble (EKA: Episode 0723)
* Helen Reddy: Grow
* Broom Adventures (cartoon) (EKA: Episode 3187)
* City/Country song (EKA: Episode 0681)
* Season 6 Credit Crawl (First: Episode 0670)

Easter Egg: "Bumble Ardy" cartoon

Disc 2

* Episode 796 (7th season premiere)
Featuring the hilarious Snuffy Counts; Cow Dog Song; Harvey Kneeslapper; learning opposites with Soft & Loud; Hand & Pencil Draw Telephone and loads of other timeless moments from the 7th season.

* Episode 926 (8th season premiere)
Starring the Chaplin Exit Door; Touch Song; I in the Sky; superstar Lily Tomlin in Count 1-5; Cookie Monster in the Library and many more classic skits!

Classic Cuts:
Season 7
* Pinball Number Count #4 (EKA: Episode 1709)
* Kermit and the Weather Salesman (EKA: Episode 0848)
* Buffy Sainte-Marie: "Wynkin, Blynkin, & Nod"
* Don Music: Yankee Doodle
* Alone Song (EKA: Episode 1706)
* Marshal Grover: Away From (EKA: Episode 0856)
* Grover Invents the Wheel (EKA: Episode 0898)
* Follow the Leader (Bob & kids) (EKA: Episode 0828)
* Pinball Number Count Remix #1-12
* Season 7 Credit Crawl (First: Episode 0800)

Classic Cuts:
Season 8
* Cookie Disco (EKA: Episode 1093)
* Paul Simon: Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard
* Waiter Grover: All Out of Food (EKA: Episode 1708)
* Lobster Fisherman (film) (EKA: Episode 1845)
* Dog Flea Camp
* Bert's Physical (EKA: Episode 1090)
* Two Doors With Bob
* Swamp Mushy Muddy (EKA: Episode 2291)
* Season 8 Credit Crawl
Easter egg: A girl prepares for the snow.

Disc 3

Episode 1056 (9th season premiere)
With pinball animation #4; a stirring song from Kermit; Making Noodles; Water Foundation and heaps more fun memories!

Episode 1186 (10th season premiere)
Taking center stage are Bert & Ernie with What Time is it?; Billy Jo Jive boogying along as she searches for her missing wig; the Nose Blower sketch and more!

Classic Cuts:
Season 9
* It Feels Good When You Sing a Song (EKA: Episode 1563)
* Bert & Ernie: Slice of Life (EKA: Episode 1396)
* Ray Charles: I Got a Song
* Fonzie & Cunningham: Brushing Teeth
* Sign Cartoons: Taxi
* School Pageant: Seasons
* Sing After Me with Madeline Kahn and Grover (EKA: Episode 1839)
* Fireworks Alphabet (EKA: Episode 2293)
* The Ten Commandments of Health (EKA: Episode 3164)
* Season 9 Credit Crawl

Season 10
* ABC Disco
* Kermit Casting Director
* Imagination: Dogs (new sound effects added) (EKA: Episode 1800)
* Llama at Dentist Song
* Bert Teaches Pigeon Checkers. (EKA: Episode 2485)
* Lost Dog Flyer (film) (EKA: Episode 2293)
* My Favorite Number Is 6
* Old West: Letter Y Box of Crayons (EKA: Episode 1708)
* Season 10 Credit Crawl

Easter egg: When a little boy gets lost, a mysterious man teaches him how to think backwards...

Sesame Street Old School Volume 2