Saucy Sleepovers offers a new romantic adventure

Saucy Sleepovers offers a new romantic adventure

An original saucy online boutique has launched in Brisbane dedicated to enlightening and liberating women, whilst turning up the heat on their sex lives!

Saucy Sleepovers- a female operated enterprise - offers a whole world of grown-up playthings that are can be purchased in the company of friends led by a Saucy Consultant in relaxed and fun surrounds, or online at

More Stepford Wives than Boogie Nights, Saucy Sleepovers are designed to sweep away the perceived seediness of the relationship enhancer industry and give women the opportunity to purchase sensual toys at home with friends instead of having to enter the often distasteful arena of adult stores.

For Saucy Sleepovers Director Karen Lennon - a former mortgage broker with 12 years experience in the finance industry - the concept proves that money cant buy you love, but it can give you a whole lot of pleasure!

"The pressures of life can overtake our erotic side. Saucy Sleepovers provides a warm pleasant environment to learn a little more about what can spice up your relationship, and strengthen intimacy."

"Our trained consultants - far from the image of a dominatrix in leather - provide a hilarious but professional demonstration of our product line including a show and tell; pass the parcel and other fun games. A couple of party champagnes arent compulsory but certainly recommended!"

"We expect to see a few blushes at the Saucy Sleepover parties, but our mission is to have fun, rather than to shock!"

"Our customer is a variety of women from hens to divorced women to fun-loving single girls to yummy mummys in a happy marriage. Weve seen at our parties 50 year women who have never dreamed of purchasing a sex toy gain a whole new perception", Ms Lennon said.

The Saucy Sleepover product line includes a selection of aphrodisiac lotions and potions, vibes, joysticks and other saucy teasers. With products called a gold spiral wrapped love wand and the infamous i-vibe rabbit as seen on Sex and the City, Australian girls can now forget the education their mothers gave them, and even make work a party!

About Saucy Sleepovers

Saucy Sleepovers was launched in 2005 with a mission to liberate and enlighten women by enabling them to purchase fantasy products at their own homes with friends at a Saucy Sleepover party, or discretely through their online boutique - all without ever visiting an adult shop.

Products are demonstrated through a party process by a trained Saucy Sleepovers consultant by way of touching, smelling and verbal explanation. Questions are encouraged! Currently parties are for women only or couples only.

Saucy Sleepovers is the only Australian company that allows you to take home your goodies on the same night.

Behind Saucy Sleepovers

Saucy Sleepovers was conceptualised when Company Director Karen Lennon met a new contact at a motivational seminar that happened to be involved in a similar company in America. Karen was very much intrigued and initially investigated the possibility of covering the Australian market under this US company umbrella. This proved to be a logistical nightmare and so through the passion and determination of Karen, the Saucy Sleepover enterprise for the Australian market was born in April last year.

After twelve years in the finance industry and having also established two previous businesses, Karen is proud and excited about her newest Saucy venture.

Saucy Products

75% of Saucy Sleepover products are imported from America, with the remainder from Germany. No products are imported from China.

Saucy Consultants

All Saucy Sleepover consultants participate in an induction course covering administration, sales processes, time management and the unique saucy party process. They are accompanied by a Saucy Sleepovers director for their first party. Saucy Consultants purchase a demo kit and make a 30% profit on all goods sold.

Dr Saucy - Saucy Consultants love to give tips on spicing up your bedroom life at their parties, but any specific relationship questions are directed to the Dr Saucy component of the website where qualified psychologists can offer advice.

Whilst Saucy Sleepover parties are targeted towards women 20-55 years, aims to introduce male and females of all ages to their absolute top of the range relationship enhancers. Website components include comprehensive Saucy Shopping pages and also Saucy Facts - 15 ways to tell if you are a Love Goddess from the Mistress of Raunch - sex, body language and relationship expert Tracey Cox.

Saucy Sleepovers
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