Tasty and Tasteful Wedding Cakes

Tasty and Tasteful Wedding Cakes

Bite Sized Advice to Help You Choose that Perfect Wedding Cake

The Size of the Wedding Cake
The size of your wedding cake should be relative to the number of wedding guests you are expecting and whether you are serving the wedding cake as a dessert in its own right or as an accompaniment to coffee. For dessert, allow a 5cm square per person. For coffee, allow a 2.5cm square per person and don't include the top tier of the cake in your calculations as it's generally kept until the first anniversary of your wedding day.

The Theme of the Wedding Cake
Traditional wedding cakes were long-lasting, hearty fruitcakes with firm white icing that symbolized the solidity of marriage. However, as fruitcakes are considered passé now, couples are free to theme their wedding cake in a manner that reflects their personalities or that represents something meaningful to them. Did your fiancé propose in winter? Wedding cake specialist, Judith Brosnan has a snowflake design wedding cake to commemorate that moment. Or perhaps you are having an ethnic wedding? Ask Judith Brosnan about designing 'culture' specific wedding cakes. Chinese brides and grooms may wish to have their cake iced in red (the Chinese lucky colour) and have it adorned with the Chinese double happiness symbol to bring good fortune. Ask Judith for other uniquely themed wedding cake creations.

The Flavour of the Wedding Cake
Why settle for fruitcake when you can have chocolate mud cake, vanilla sponge, marble, lemon, or carrot cake with poppyseeds? The fillings are getting exotic too with raspberry, coconut, strawberry, lemon, mocha and white chocolate cream also on offer. Gulapka Cake Studio pride themselves on creating wedding cakes that awaken all the senses. From the widening of their eyes when guests first catch sight of the cake to the sounds of delight as the cake tantalizes their tastebuds - a Gulapka wedding cake will delight all.

Decorating the Wedding Cake
Ditch the plastic bride and groom because the choices in wedding cake decoration are endless now. Ribbons, tulle and sugar flowers remain much requested decorative items but featuring the same fresh flowers on your cake as those in your wedding bouquet has become extremely popular too. You can even match the wedding cake to your dress as new icing techniques mean bakers can decorate in the emulation of embroidery, lace, appliqué or elegant drapes and insert pearl or beading detail also. Oakleigh Quality Cakes offer an amazing range of cake decorations to adorn their mouthwatering wedding cakes and their handmade decorative flowers come in chocolate as well as sugar.

But for the best in unique cake ideas visit Bride Online's Cake Directory to find local providers of the ultimate wedding cake or dessert.