Sass Ironing Board Covers

Sass Ironing Board Covers

Sass is happy to present its brand new range of ironing board covers for summer 2014!


An inspiring mix of colour, scale and texture, our new covers feature modern graphics, bold colour, pretty florals and modern metallics.  Designs are imaginative, yet subtle enough to fit easily into any home's décor and create a stylish space. We aim to inspire even the most ardent opponents of ironing!


Of course, we at Sass understand that function is just as important as looks, so every Sass product is created to outperform the average ironing board cover.


Sass covers are made from heavy duty premium cotton to provide a wrinkle-free, non-slip ironing surface for a
superior finish.


Sass's unique ultra thick felt helps retain the heat longer to ensure a faster, smoother and more efficient ironing time. Unlike foam, that gives off a horrible odour when it gets hot, sass felt stays odour free at any heat level.…Experience the difference!


Our covers are large and flexible enough to fit most boards .They feature a unique velcro and chord tied fastening system to ensure they fit most ironing boards like a glove. 


Sass established in 2003, by KS Textiles, is an Australian-owned homewares company based in Melbourne for over 20 years. We are truly passionate about our product and have a fantastic customer following and are delighted to present our new range of fun and vibrant designs for your consideration. If we can make ironing less of a chore then our job is lovingly done!

Review: So it's not the most glamourous job in the house, but it doesn't need to be boring. Sass as a great range of Ironing Board Covers that are the perfect gift for birthdays, Mother's Day or just because your laundry is dull....

Sass Ironing Board Covers

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