Liangzi Health Oasis

Liangzi Health Oasis

Liangzi Health Oasis

Sydney is rich in Chinese culture and a great place to celebrate. Liangzi Health Oasis is bringing a slice of authentic Chinese culture to Sydney and although it's set in the heart of the city, it truly feels like a different world.

Clear your senses and calm your mind at Sydney's newest relaxation hotspot, Liangzi Health Oasis. Specialising in traditional Chinese relaxation techniques, Liangzi is set to deliver a new level of spa experience through revitalising body massage and reflexology.

The name Liangzi comes from two words: 'Liang' meaning 'good' and 'zi' meaning 'children', signifying a welcoming 'home-like' atmosphere for patrons to escape from their busy lives and indulge in relaxation. The spirit of Liangzi Health Oasis reflects the natural purity and pristien beauty of traditional Chinese culture. By combing the intelligence of traditional Chinese medicine and the power of touch, the signature body treatments will comfort and lead you to find your own peace of mind.

Float into a state of euphoria as you sip on delicious Chinese herbal tea, listen to soothing music, and reap the benefits of massage. Through the range of ancient and modern massage and therapeutic techniques provided, the Liangzi experience is a natural and holistic extension on mainstream medical philosophy. Treatment include:
Traditional Chinese Full Body Massage
Foot Reflexology
Foot Repairing
Back Massage
Head Massage
Neck and Shoulder Massage
Waist and Hip Massage
Ear Coning.

As it's traditionally seen in the 500 Liangzi locations across China, the Health Oasis has become a hot spot for business men who hold regular business meetings over a foot massage. With the trend catchig on in Australia, more and more business deals are being done in the private rooms. Communication without stress is always effective and inspiring, and is a preferred pracrtice in traditional Chinese culture, now infiltrating into the Western world.

Liangzi Health Oasis combines the East and West, residing in a 150 year old historical architecture building with a European-style dome ceiling shining natural light down onto the poetic-style Chinese decor. The extensive facilities incorporates 11 luxurious private treatment rooms and a tranquil main meeting room with signature Chinese dragon beds, where guests can unwind before or after their treatment.

Liangzi Health Oasis is open seven days a week from 10am to 2am and prices start at just $50. Ideanlly located at 477 Pitt St, Liangzi is the perfect inner city retreat.

Zhu Guo Fan is the figure behind Liangzi Health Oasis. Origination in Henan province China in 1997, the elegant Liangzi establishments have quickly became a popular haven for Zen-like massage and relaxation in China. Initally Liangzi was an establishment that simply offered food massages but has since grown into a sanctuary of nuturing therapy with over 500 locations across China. Liangzi is also seen as an oasis for business recreation and an enviroment for conducting serious business meetings. Zhu Guo Fan now brings the Liangzi experience to Australians.