Roger Moore My Word is My Bond

Roger Moore My Word is My Bond

Roger Moore, the screen icon and living legend is finally sharing his story with millions of fans that have been waiting for his official autobiography. Moore has starred in hugely popular films and television series in the past fifty years; he played roles such as The Saint, The Persuader and James Bond, 007. Moore played Bond in seven films from 1973-1985.

Roger Moore has been described as suave, sophisticated, impossibly handsome and an archetypical English gentleman. Moore is beloved around the world, by several generations of fans, both men and women. Roger Moore is even more honourable and determined as seen in his work for the UNICEF. Roger, now knighted is known as Sir Roger Moore.

In the autobiography, My Word is My Bond, Sir Roger Moor looks back on his brilliant career and life with characteristic wit and warmth. It starts at his childhood, during wartimes in London to life as a struggling actor and his early Hollywood days, to his battle with prostate cancer and the inspiration he gains from UNICEF.

For every copy of Sir Roger Moore's, My Word is My Bond, sold in Australia and New Zealand the publisher will make a donation to UNICEF. Moore has been a UNICEF ambassador since 1991.

Your book shows the highs and lows of your life and career, was it hard to write about the bad times?

You have been in an amazing 50 plus films! How does....

This is your second book, how do the two differ? And what did you learn that you have used in your favour for this second title?

Roger Moore My Word is My Bond
Harper Collins Publishers Australia
Author: Roger Moore
RRP: $49.99
ISBN: 9780732288716