Philips PerfectCare Steam Generator

Philips PerfectCare Steam Generator

Philips PerfectCare Steam Generator

Philips is launching the PerfectCare, a revolutionary steam generator that paves the way to a new age in garment care. The first of its kind to use new 'Optimal Temp' technology, created by Philips, PerfectCare maintains the perfect combination of temperature and steam to deliver performance that's not only easier, but gentler on all ironable materials, and faster than any other steam generator.

"As the leading brand in garment care, Philips is thrilled to launch PerfectCare, as an easy, fast and gentle solution to ironing, which can often be a time consuming and frustrating chore, particularly when dealing with a variety of fabrics or taking on the duty for the whole family," said Peter Bosscher, Senior Manager Business Development Personal Care & Domestic Appliances for Philips Australia and New Zealand.

The 'Optimal Temp' technology makes the PerfectCare 100 per cent safe and effective on all fabrics such as silk, wool and synthetics, and has been tested independently by three leading fabric and clothing institutes including Woolmark - with great results.

Combining a revolutionary cyclonic steam chamber to release steam at a consistently high pressure (where other steam generators may leak or deliver little or no steam) together with a Smart Control Processer, PerfectCare keeps the soleplate at a constant temperature for all fabrics - even when left on fabrics for up to five minutes, there is no risk of burning or marking clothes.

It has never been possible to deliver both steam with enough pressure and one temperature which is gentle enough for use on all fabrics, until PerfectCare. It offers the perfect combination of one optimal temperature plus high steam pressure with up to 120g per minute of steam with a possible boost of up to 260g, signalling the end of the iron age and bringing a new meaning to caring for catwalk clothes at home.

This also means time saved - no need to pre-sort clothes or to change temperature settings, and the ability to go from linen to silk to cotton to cashmere without waiting. It even uses 10 per cent less energy than a conventional steam generator and is fixed with a 1.5 litre detachable water tank which provides up to two hours of ironing without a refill.

Philips PerfectCare GC9240

* The PerfectCare only takes 2 minutes to heat up, the light on the iron will stop flashing when ready
* There is only one setting for all garments, just switch it on
* There are two steam buttons, one underneath the handle, and a steam booster on top of the iron - you can do one or both, whatever you like
* The product is 100% safe on all ironable fabrics including silk, cashmere, linen and satin
* The Optimal temp technology prevents water leakage on garments and the silicon coating on the soleplate prevents burning and sticking
* You can iron on the board or use as a steamer upright on garments - Up to 6 bars of steam pressure for fast ironing
* It will automatically turn off after ten minutes
* The water tank when full will give you about 2 hours of straight ironing
* Iron carry lock
* SteamGlide soleplate
* Weight of iron: 1.2kg & base: 5kg. Power: 2400W * Auto Shut Off

The Philips PerfectCare Steam Generator is by far the best iron on the market. While it takes a bit of room to accomodate, it's more than worth the reshuffle as it cuts down ironing time to 1/3. This clever iron doesn't need to be programmed, as 'Optimal Temp' takes care of all fabrics even silk so you will never burn clothes again. Dubbed by Femail as the 'one pass', it cuts down your ironing time, as most frabrics only need to be ironed on one side. It also has a detachable water container that can be easily filled at the tap and clipped back on to keep going, and 2 steam buttons for easy of use. This my new best friend as it frees up my time in the laundry so I can enjoy my time elsewhere. Top of the the Christmas list!

Philips PerfectCare Steam Generator
RRP: $599

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