Paw Paw Baby Shampoo, Body Wash and Baby Balm

Paw Paw Baby Shampoo, Body Wash and Baby Balm

Paw Paw Baby Shampoo, Body Wash and Baby Balm

Nature's Care Australia has introduced a new formulation for its popular Paw Paw Baby Shampoo and Body Wash and Paw Paw Baby Balm.

'We have enhanced our much-loved Paw Paw Baby range to provide a new smoother blend, enriched with natural ingredients and nourishing Paw Paw to care for baby's delicate skin at bath and nappy change-time," said Mr Michael Wu, general manager, Nature's Care Australia.

Made with real Paw Paw and all-natural derived plant-based ingredients, Nature's Care Paw Paw Baby Shampoo and Body Wash is 100 per cent soap free and pH balanced so it cleans baby's delicate skin without over-drying.

It has a fresh, fruity aroma that makes bath-time fun. Free from nasty chemicals, it is the perfect all-in-one shampoo and body wash to keep your baby or toddler clean from head to toe and comes in a handy pump dispenser for ease of use.

Renowned for its therapeutic qualities, paw paw (also known as papaya) has been used since ancient times. It is rich in Omega nine and is full of antioxidents, especially vitamins A and C, known for their skin enhancing properites – keeping baby's hair, skin and scalp soft and hydrated, just as Mother Nature intended.

'When it comes to choosing skin and hair care products for baby, it makes sense to use the finest natural ingredients. We feed our baby nutritious food so it makes sense to feed their skin," said Mr Wu.

'I love Nature's Care Paw Paw Baby Shampoo and Body Wash – it smells fantastic and is quick and easy to use. Its all-in-one formula saves time and money too – an added bonus!" said mother of two, Melanie McCabe.

Newly reformulated to contain a nourishing blend of Beeswax, Sunflower seed oil and Vitamin E, the combination of natural paw paw and plant-derived oils in Nature's Care Paw Paw Baby Balm will protect and sooth baby's delicate skin at nappy change time.

'Beeswax, Sunflower seed oil, Vitamin E and natural Paw Paw combine to make a rich, soothing balm that can prevent nappy rash by maintaining a protective barrier between baby's skin and the external elements," said Mr Wu.

Used for centuries in natural medicine, paw paw seed oil is known for its skin healing properties. It contains the enzyme papain, which helps skin repair and renewal – perfect for baby's sensitive skin.

Nature's Care Paw Paw Baby Balm is also great for mums too. Can be used in breast-feeding to protect nipples (cleanse away the product before feeding), or keep in your handbag to use on lips, hands and body – anywhere you need to moisturise and protect skin.

'Nature's Care Paw Paw Baby Balm is a great allround skin saver for the whole family," said Mr Wu.

Nature's Care Tips For Relaxing Baby Bath Time

It's time to get your tiny tot lathered and rinsed, squeaky clean and bundled into bed. Creating a gentle, soothing routine for your baby is as important for them as it is for you. By incorporating a set routine into your evening you are in turn allowing your baby to unwind into sleep mode.

Christine Kininmonth, baby expert, mother of four and winner of 2014 St George Bank Ausmumpreneur of the Year Award, suggests taking the following steps to create the perfect bath time routine for your little one, to help lull them off to sleep:

Step 1: Preparation – Don't get caught empty handed with a wet baby. Get yourself organised from the get-go to ensure the bath experience is a relaxing one for you and your little one. Cotton wool, milk, liquid baby cleanser, such as Nature's Care Paw Paw Baby Shampoo and Body Wash, to help clean and protect your baby and a clean, dry, hooded towel should all be on hand.

Step 2: Bath Time – Keep the room warm and close windows and doors if there is a drought. Fill the bath first with cold water, then hot, so that the bath is comfortably warm throughout. Bring your baby to the bath area, undress and remove nappy. Gradually slip your baby into the bath using one arm to support his neck and head, and slip your hand round to hold his arm. With your other hand, support their bottom if necessary or use a soft cotton flannel to lather and rinse your baby from (adorable) head to (tiny) toes.

Step 3: After Bath Business – Once the rub-a-dub-dub is done it's time to tackle your after-bath to-do list. Use a cosy towel, or blanket to keep your little one dry and warm, paying extra attention to creases and folds to avoid any trapped moisture. Remember babies lose heat faster than adults, and most escapes through their head, so using a hooded towel is best. Once your bundle is dry, now is the perfect time to do some major moisturizing and even consider giving an infant massage. Using Nature's Care Paw Paw Baby Balm to help your fingers glide, a gentle body massage is an excellent addition to your baby's bedtime routine and a lovely bonding experience for mum and bub. Fresh pyjamas and a kiss on the nose, now you're ready to commence operation bedtime.

Nature's Care Paw Paw Baby Balm, 100g is available exclusively from Woolworths priced $6.99. Nature's Care Paw Paw Baby Shampoo and Body Wash, 500ml is available from Woolworths, priced $8.99.

Nature's Care is an Australian company that develops, manufactures and distributes a range of nutritional and natural skin care products throughout Australia from their headquarters in Sydney. Visit and for more information.

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