Monkey Mania - the play centre for ALL ages!

Monkey Mania - the play centre for ALL ages!

Monkey Mania - the play centre for ALL ages!

Monkey Mania Indoor Play Centres are now open in Canberra and Sydney with more opening soon. They have installed 'state-of the art' equipment for all ages - with plenty on offer for toddlers, who are often left out of the fun at these centres.

Monkey Mania have sourced the world's best indoor play equipment including the Comfyland Experience. The Comfyland Experience is an educational oriented system for children 1-5 years old that has won international awards for its innovative approach. The importance of play in learning appears in all three activity corners of the Comfyland Experience with games that focus on improving toddlers' senses, fostering a love of music and promoting cognitive development. The Monkey Mania toddlers' play area includes computers, padded climbing equipment, ball pits and much more.

Older kids get the latest in climbing structures that includes a 'Ball-o-City' arena that is proving to be very popular. Both children and adults can shoot foam balls at each other and at times it's hard to know who is having more fun! The climbing spider web is also new to Australia. On this feature children can climb up and down the levels of the web whilst the mesh flooring keeps them safe. Most centres also have a sports net, complete with soccer goals and basketball hoops.

All Monkey Mania centres also offer a Drop 'n' Shop service which will be music to the ears of many parents! You can leave your children (aged 5 and over) in the care of Monkey Mania for up to three hours of play time while you go shopping or catch up with friends.

Monkey Mania also offer the BEST kids party packages with party rooms that have each been designed with a themed centre piece for the children to sit on. Matching murals complete the rooms. Your little pirate, fairy or monkey will be beside themselves with delight.

Monkey Mania centres are open 9.30am to 5.30pm every day of the year excluding Christmas Day and New Years Day.

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