Michelle Pfieffer Gets It Right

Michelle Pfieffer Gets It Right

Michelle Pfieffer Gets It Right

Michelle Pfieffer has been voted as the best looking celebrity to have allegedly undergone cosmetic treatment in a new survey conducted by the Cosmetic Physicians Society of Australasia (CPSA) and cosmetic medicine website Costhetics.

Michelle was followed closely by Kylie Minogue, Nicole Kidman and Sharon Stone who were also nominated as some of the best-looking celebrities who have been reported to have had cosmetic work.

The survey also identified Jocelyn -cat woman' Wildenstein, Joan Rivers, Mickey Rourke and Melanie Griffith as celebrities who look worse as a result of their cosmetic procedures.

Discussing the findings, Dr Susan Austin, Public Relations Officer CPSA, said: 'It doesn't surprise me that celebrities who have the most natural appearance after having a cosmetic treatment are considered to be the best looking. I doubt anyone would want to look like the -cat woman'.

'I think the reason why Michelle and Kylie have been voted as the best looking after having a cosmetic procedure is because they still look like themselves, just more refreshed. Joan Rivers and Mickey Rourke on the other hand, look drastically different from their former selves.
'Likewise, most of my patients ask for treatments so that they look like a younger, rejuvenated version of themselves, rather than a different person," Dr Austin said.

While celebrities and socialites are often renowned for having anti-wrinkle jabs and going -under the knife', cosmetic medicine is becoming more commonplace among everyday men and women in Australia. More than 65% of respondents to the CPSA survey said they've had one or more non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

This is a marked increase from the 2011 CPSA survey where 29 per cent of those surveyed admitted they'd had a undergone a non-surgical or minimally invasive cosmetic medical treatment.

For people in their twenties, the most common non-surgical treatments were microdermabrasion (62.2%) and laser or IPL hair removal (51.1%). Whereas for people aged over 30, the most popular treatments were muscle relaxant treatments to target fine lines and wrinkles and dermal fillers to add volume and reduce wrinkles.

The majority of respondents to the survey had completed tertiary education (85.1 per cent). Of those who had a non-surgical cosmetic procedure, the most important factors for having a treatment were to 'feel better about themselves" (57.7%) and 'increase their confidence" (44.3%).

Based on a survey of 751 respondents conducted between March – April 2012, by the Cosmetic Physicians Society of Australasia (CPSA) in partnership with cosmetic medicine website Costhetics.
The CPSA Cosmetic Medicine Survey was conducted by the Cosmetic Physicians Society of Australasia (CPSA) in conjunction with Younger You via the Younger

Members of the public interested in cosmetic treatments should see a qualified doctor that has a focus on such procedures. Intending patients can find a doctor who has a special focus on cosmetic medicine by visiting www.cosmeticphysicians.org.au