Melbourne Writer's Theatre presents Colours

Can you imagine what it would be like to spend an evening at a bar with someone you thought was your blind date, but who was in fact a total stranger?

Well this year's Melbourne Writer's Theatre Short Play Season will give you a glimpse at what might happen in such a funny and awkward situation.

Taking the theme 'Colours', Melbourne writers have come together to create an eclectic collection of plays that will evoke a spectrum of emotions from the audience. Fourteen short plays will liven up the stage each night, each one entirely different from the next, but thoroughly entertaining.

These 14 plays were selected from 66 different scripts, and while some of this year's finalists are first time writers, many are highly acclaimed writers in their own right. With titles like 'The Boy, the Bubble and the Burglar', 'The Magenta Revenge' and 'Human Beans,' it makes you wonder just where these writers got their inspiration.

Well imagine quietly eavesdropping on a passionate conversation between two lovers, or observing the strangers at the local Laundromat. Picture yourself back at school, or maybe trying to talk your way out of a speeding fine, or just trying to win something no matter what the cost. This might give you an idea of just what is in store for audience members at this year's production.

What: Melbourne Writer's Theatre presents Colours
When: September 27 - October 14
Times: Wed - Sat 7pm, Sunday matinees 5pm
Where: Carlton Courthouse, 349 Drummond Street, Carlton
Tickets: $20 Adults, $15 concession
Bookings: Telephone (03) 9504-2748 or