~ An insightful look into Madonna's world ~

MADONNA is the undisputed female icon of the modern age. Widely admired for her independence, self-confidence, refusal to compromise and willingness to take a risk, she is the most enigmatic and fascinating woman of our time. But while much of her life seems to be an open book, a closer look suggests that it is Madonna herself who controls when we turn the page - and indeed what we read.

Now controversial biographer Andrew Morton, author of the worldwide number one bestsellers on Princess Di, Monica Lewinsky and Posh and Becks, reveals the unknown Madonna. He has spoken to those in her inner circle, many of which have never been interviewed before, about her ambitions, lifestyle and relationships with family, friends and men. Their memories and insights give a fresh and entirely revealing perspective on the most famous woman on the planet.

With over 65 rare and stunning photographs, many of which have never been published in books, this gripping new biography reveals Madonna in an entirely new light.

With his best-selling blend of fast paced narrative, sensational revelation and sensitive insight into the woman behind the facade, Andrew Morton's MADONNA will be THE Madonna biography of the decade.

About the Author

ANDREW MORTON is one of the world's best-known biographers and a leading authority on modern celebrity. His groundbreaking and controversial biography Diana: Her True Story changed the public's perception of the British Monarchy, while Monica's Story, his authorized biography of Monica Lewinsky, gave voice to the true events behind the impeachment of President Bill Clinton. More recently, Posh & Becks, his best-selling biography of celebrities Victoria and David Beckham, has been hailed as a critique of modern celebrity culture.

Over the years, Andrew Morton has won numerous awards, among them Author of the Year, Investigative Journalist of the Year and Scoop of the Year, as well as a special award for services to journalism. He lives in London with his wife and two daughters.