Lullaby Lights Lion

Lullaby Lights Lion

Playing to learn and learning through play makes learning fun along the way. With LeapFrog, you can leap ahead with electronic toys that teach in exciting, entertaining, and relevant ways.

Understanding a child's development is one continuous learning – from every moment, every lesson, every adventure, every experience along the way, LeapFrog's cool new toys will entertain the smallest to the busiest child in new and fun ways.


Lullaby Lights Lion

Enjoy a ray of colour with the Lullaby Lights Lion plush learning toy. In day mode, enjoy a kaleidoscope of colour with each press of Lion's soft plastic light-up tummy. As the colours change to match the five colours on Lion's mane, children hear a variety of songs and phrases to teach shapes, colours, and numbers. In night mode, Lion also helps your baby fall asleep with four different sleep timer options, including: soft gentle lullabies, lullabies and lights, or just lights.

A great toy by day and by night. For babies aged 6 months and over, the Lullaby Lights Lion is available now from Target, Myer, good toy stores and online retailers.

Lullaby Lights Lion, RRP $24.95

Review: This little Lullaby Lights Lion will light up your child's world and bring comfort day and night.  Hand washable with removable electronics makes it easy to clean.


Number Loving Oven

The Number Loving Oven is the perfect recipe for number learning fun! From counting and cooking to serving and sharing, it's preschool prep for little chefs. With 16 fun ingredients included, the delightful singing oven warms up counting, sharing, fraction and vocabulary skills. Move the slider to explore numbers, time, and temperature, count along with the blinking light and more. Close the oven to explore numbers and counting. Open it to learn about counting and sharing. Share the pizza to practice early fractions. Cook up a storm as the frying pan sizzles when it is placed on the stove top. Serve up the fun with the Number Loving Oven.

For preschoolers aged 2-5 years, the Number Loving Oven is available at Big W from June onwards for a limited time.

Number Loving Oven, RRP $39.95


Review: Number Loving Oven is the perfect size for play, but compact enough to minimise mess.  Includes 2 cupcakes, 3 piece bread loaf and a 4 piece pizza, plus cook with a sizzling frypan and server on your baking tray or plates. But best of all it packs neatly inside the oven when it's time to clean up.  Kids love to role play with cooking, and with 30+ phrases and songs, warm up counting and sharing skills there is hours of fun with this clever cooking oven.

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