Galactic Clean Fun; for a child's snack time it's Loopa

Galactic Clean Fun; for a child's snack time it's Loopa
Meet Loopa, the revolutionary new gyro-bowl that will turn your world upside down. Amazing spill resistant technology keeps dry food and snacks inside the bowl and off the floor during snack time. So while imagination takes your kids to outer space and beyond, the Loopa gyro-bowl makes life easier for you back on earth.

Co-creators Melinda and Brad Shepard knew they needed a quick fix for their daughter’s eating habits after she spilled her Cheerios over the car seat for the umpteenth time. With nothing available to clear up this ongoing issue, the husband and wife team became the problem solvers with their concept for the spill-proof bowl.

This brilliant concept was quickly picked up by the creative team at US TV show Everyday Edison’s, a national invention program that follows the journey of extraordinary ideas from sketch to store shelf. The Everyday Edison team transformed Brad and Melinda’s futuristic concept into a prototype that was an instant hit with kids and parents alike.

The innovative features of the new Loopa gyro-bowl set it apart from anything else on the market. The weighted inner bowl maintains an upright position at any direction, the handles on the outer rim allows a strong grip, the depth of the bowl makes for a decent size snack and the orbiting character will transcend your child into a spatial galaxy; making your life here on earth mission free!

RRP $17.95

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