Kristin Davis Deck the Halls Interview

Kristin Davis Deck the Halls Interview


nterview by Paul Fischer in Los Angeles.

Since the demise of Sex and the City, its a more demure Kristin Davis that we have seen on screen. While fans of the show are still hoping that the long awaited movie will come to life, Ms Davis is happy playing a series of comically charged wives, the latest in the new Xmas neighbor feud comedy, Deck the Halls. Davis talked Xmas and sex to Paul Fischer.

Kristin Davis: Hi, hows everybody doing?

Press: How are you?

Kristin Davis: Pretty good, hanging in there. [Reacting to inaudible comment from table] No, I dont drink, actually--

Press: You look very Christmas, actually...

Kristin Davis: Thank you I tried to be very festive... tried to be festive. (She places a bottle of Fiji water with a straw in it down in front of her) Im hitting the Fiji.

Press: Youre on a role with all the wife movies... whats up with that?

Kristin Davis: No a plan... not a plan at all. You know you kind of roll with what they send you and I just... I laughed out loud at this script and then I knew Matthew [Broderick] was involved and I love Matthew and Ive been a fan of Mathews since Ferris (Buellers Day Off), you know and of course I know him, obviously, so there was an ease in that. And I also knew John Whitesell (director) and I was a big fan of his. And I you know I think its just like you respond... you just respond... its a kind of mysterious thing. I dont know why I keep playing these wives.

Press: What sets this apart from other Christmas movies, do you think?

Kristin Davis: I theyre different elements because, certainly, Its a Wonderful Life is at the top of my list of Christmas movies and our movie is very, very different, and I dont think anyone could probably live up to a Wonderful Life in terms of kind of a drama... but our movie is really funny, I thought. I like that. And I also like that... I think people, you know, I think laughter is great and especially laughter during the holidays after youve like gone through getting it all, you know, your getting it all ready and buying and all the hectic craziness, its nice that... I also feel like everyone can go to this movie. You know the kids can, the parents can go, everyone can go and kind of relate to different elements of it, and I think its nice to have things that you can do together.

Press: What is the similarity to Charlotte? There is a similarity to Charlotte, kind of...

Kristin Davis: Is there?

Press: Shes kind of very sweet and kind of you know

Kristin Davis: Did I think about that? You know its like a funny thing, I mean, on the one hand, its hard for me to be objective like you know people always ask me, how are you different from Charlotte? Like Ive lost all... I cant tell anymore, do you know what I mean? And when I look at a character I dont really think of it that way so much. Every once in a while someone will send me something that is like about like as anti-Charlotte as anyone could ever be, and then its really obvious... do you know what Im saying? But then the rest, well, I dont know, shes kind of like Charlotte but then shes kind of not, you know what I mean?

Press: Talking about Charlotte, rumor has it that the Sex and the City movie is back on

Kristin Davis: We should have timed how long it took you to get to that (nervously laughs)... Um, I have heard those rumors, yes, and if the movie were to happen, it would be wonderful and I would be there and I would be so, so, so excited. Took three minutes, thats pretty impressive...

Press: This did kind of resurface in the last week or so...

Kristin Davis: Right, I mean the only thing I will say is that you know I would love to do the movie. I would have liked to do it then and I would like to do it now and I would just like to do it... it would make me very, very happy! (Nervously laughs)

Press: Talk about men in your life that have been obsessive about certain things... have you know any?

Kristin Davis: Thats hysterical. Um... I dont think I have any real obsessive men in my life to tell you the truth.

Press: Never?

Kristin Davis: (Sighs) Not, not in the way that Mathews character is in the movie, no, I dont know that I would probably be drawn to a man like that. You know hes so rigid and controlled and Im not really that way. I know that I play characters that are that way but in life I dont think Im really that way... Im a detail-oriented person. Im looking at Amy. Shes been my publicist for 10 years so Im checking in with her. Im detail-oriented but I like to be able to be spontaneous and I like to relax and... you know like I would never want someone telling me what I was going to do on each day, you know what Im saying, in that crazy way that he isId be like, no.

Press: How are you about Christmas?

Kristin Davis: I like Christmas a lot. It was always my favorite holiday. And I like that um... when I go home, my house... you know my parents live in South Carolina, so I usually go home and its very artsy-craftsy, like we make our own stuff. We go to the nursery and get all like fresh greens. The South is I think a little more traditional in terms of the style of decoration. You dont see so many houses lit up, as you do like here in LA, and certainly, well Ive never seen a house lit up like Danny does in the movie. And it was actually, I have to say, it kind of made me appreciate it more because it was so amazing, so bright, so pretty, they did such a good job. But were more traditionally, like, you know, my mom and I... theres a list when I get home, and theres a lot of stuff to bake, and theres a lot of stuff to make... and we wire the garlands together, you know... its fun! I like that.

Press: So what about that house that they built, was it special effects or CG?

Kristin Davis: No, that was for real. They built both of our houses on a cul-de-sac... we were outside Vancouver in kind of a little suburb of Vancouver. We had three different versions... we had the soundstage version for like the interior... some of the interiors... not the kitchen, and then we had a bubble built over the two houses so that we could shoot day for night and then, we took the bubble off so we could shoot those really big scenes like at the end where all the people come, because we had huge cranes. And we made those poor neighbors... you could see our set, the Danny house, as you were... if you were like three miles away driving you could see like glowing lights. Its was unbelievable, they worked so hard, they did a great job!

Press: So you guys were your own personal snow globe?

Kristin Davis: Pretty much... pretty much, yeah. Snow globe meaning like you breathed in the fake snow at all times, yes.

Press: Are you getting caught up in the Rutgers... does that affect you at all?

Kristin Davis: It doesnt affect me. Im happy for them. I mean, I know about it. But when I was at college I never went to a football game. I was too busy going to acting school there, so I was in plays and it was hard to do both. And I never... I dont think theyre normally that good or whatever, I could be wrong.

Press: Theyre the worst.

Kristin Davis: Right, I was trying to be nice. I didnt think they were thatso its really nice. Im happy for them, the Scarlet Knights.

Press: Was it tough for you after Sex and the City to put that aside and find the types of roles that met the depth and diversity of that character?

Kristin Davis: Yeah, thats kind of a trick question tee-he-he... in a way I think that the joy of doing a show that you love for as long as we did it, is that you do... you do get a depth that you dont normally get you know because our writers were so great and because HBO was so great, and we got to do so many great things. So its really hard for a movie to kind of live up to that for me, do you know. So now, what I look for is... who do I want to work with? So, in this case, Matthew, and John Whitesell, who I was always a fan of... and Danny. I mean, you know, its like weird elements come together. And, sometimes, like when I did Shaggy Dog, I remember thinking, I love dogs. I know that sounds funny but I love dogs and I had... you know Tim Allen is his own comic genius in a kind of different kind of comedy and I thought I could learn from him, so, you kind of role with what they send you and kind of your gut feeling um... but it is hard in a way.

Press: Would you do TV again?

Kristin Davis: Sure, Id to the right thing. Id do the right thing. It would have to be pretty special.

Press: What do you get sent the most?

Kristin Davis: I really get a pretty wide variety, I just dont say yet to it. I mean just got this script Im not going to tell you what for Im not going to do it so I dont want to hurt whoever does it but of this like divorced mom who gives her kid alcohol so her kid will be popular. I was like ahhh... I mean she gets in trouble in the end, she suffers, believe me but I was like, I dont think I can do that. So I get a wide variety, I get a wide variety.

Press: What kind of projects do you get sent the most?

Kristin Davis: Hmmm...I really get a pretty wide variety. I just don't say yes to it. I mean, like I just got this script--I'm not going to tell you what for, I'm not going to do it, so I don't want to hurt whoever does it--of like this like divorced mom who like gives her kid alcohol so her kid will be popular. And I was like, "Aigh!" [laughs] I mean, she gets in trouble in the end--she suffers, believe me. But I was like, "I don't think I can do that." [laughs] So I get a wide variety. I get a wide variety. But I guess I like the parts that are more like Charlotte. I just don't think about it that way...Well, I like comedy, for one thing. And you don't see a lot of comedy where the women are driving the story. Usually it's men for whatever reason. The Hollywood people, that's what they greenlight. But I like comedy, and I think comedy's hard to do, and I enjoy doing it. So I'm happy that people send me comedies. I say yes to them more often than the other stuff.

Press: What about developing your own stuff?

Kristin Davis: I certainly would. I was for a while, at HBO, developing a show. And they kept saying they liked it, but they would never just say, "We'll make it." And so I was like, "Ahhh...I'm getting bored waiting." But of course, I love them, and I would love to work with them again. And I think television is really, really, really, really great for women. And I especially think with this season of TV, that people have kind of tried a lot of things. They haven't all worked, you know. I mean, you guys all write about this stuff. But at least people are really trying, and almost kind of overestimating the audience in terms of like plot development, and character development. You know, I think that's a nice turn of events.

Press: Is it better for women in television than in film?

Kristin Davis: I think so.

Press: Do you think TV is kinder to actresses in their 40s?

Kristin Davis: I think so. Yes. I think so, yes.

Press: What kind of contact do you have with the former cast of Sex?

Kristin Davis: We all keep in contact, even with the writers and the producers. And you know, we had a great thing, we're all good friends.