Kiss My Tiara

Kiss My Tiara

How to rule the world as a smart-mouth goddess

"In today's world of contradictory expectations, we need a sane female voice helping us to stand tall, be ourselves and not take any crap." (Susan Jane Gilman, Author)

Introducing KISS MY TIARA - a book filled with more attitude and girl power than the Spice Girls! Written by Susan Jane Gilman, this book quashes all those negative messages and taboos women have been accustomed to for as long as we care to remember, through representations in the media, at home and in the workplace. Gilman goes where no woman has dared gone before and quite successfully too.

"What do women want? Smart, no-nonsense advice about how to navigate the world and a good laugh, preferably at the same time". (Exert from Kiss My Tiara)

Kiss My Tiara has a provocative, irreverent and hilarious appeal for women to enjoy themselves and get what they really want out of life. This is every woman's guide to surviving in the 21st century and is a book every woman should read. With her tiara firmly on her head, Gilman serves up uncommon wisdom and practical advice on everything from sex and politics to shopping. Along with Gilman's off the cuff humour, there are some gutsy, universal truths and a few situations that will make some of us squirm and think it's time to pull out the tiara.

Gilman, a successful author and journalist, has written commentary for the New York Times, Ms., US and the Los Angeles Times and is the winner of several literary awards for her fiction and essays.

- Annemarie Failla




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