Ken Duncan: Life's a Journey

Ken Duncan: Life's a Journey

Ken Duncan: Life's a Journey

In his upcoming book release, Life's a Journey, iconic Australian landscape photographer Ken Duncan OAM shares previously untold stories from his extensive career and presents a series of exquisite new photographs captured worldwide.

Part autobiography, part travelogue and part reflection, this is a book of wonderful variety and range. There's humour, drama, anecdote and heart-searching. Every spread is illustrated by Ken's superb images: from the Aussie outback to Africa, from the Antarctic to China – and much more.

In many ways a follow-up to Ken's acclaimed 2008 release Ken Duncan: Life's an Adventure, this new volume, Ken Duncan: Life's a Journey continues in a similar vein, telling much more of the unique Ken Duncan story.

Featuring many never-before-seen photos and a variety of previously untold stories, Ken Duncan: Life's a Journey is a magnificent and passionate 'commentary on life" that's been more than thirty years in the making.

Ken Duncan has been described by TV's A Current Affair as -one of Australia's most iconic image makers.' He is the recipient of numerous awards and was presented with an OAM in 2009 for his long-standing contribution to landscape photography, publishing and the arts. With galleries in the Central Coast, Sydney and Melbourne his work is extremely sought after by private collectors.

Ken Duncan: Life's a Journey
Author: Ken Duncan
ISBN: 9780987295859
RRP: $59.95

Interview with Ken Duncan

Question: How did the idea for Ken Duncan: Life's a Journey come about?

Ken Duncan: People want to know about my journey, my photography, and the stories behind the photos. One of the most important reasons of all, is that there seems to be a lot of fear in the world at present and I needed to continue in the vein of 'Life's an Adventure" (which got really positive feedback, to keep the adventure going. At a time when there is so much fear about, people need to be inspired to find faith to overcome the fear and uncertainty. This is not just a picture book – it is important to also read the text.

Question: Why did you decide it was time to include more background information about your career in Ken Duncan: Life's a Journey?

Ken Duncan: We get lots of people all the time wanting to know about Ken's journey and as much as I'd love to be able to answer every email, that's just not feasible. SO I felt the only way to really do this is to sit down and write the stories and share the journey. Now when people do ask, it's easy to refer them to the books.

Question: What originally inspired you to become a photographer?

Ken Duncan: The ability to be able to tell a story in pictures and share it with others. Photography has helped me look much more closely at life and it forces me to slow down and connect with the people and the landscapes around me. Often the best shots come out of relationship with people or the environment you're in.

Question: Who or what has been your greatest motivator?

Ken Duncan: My wife has been one of my greatest sources of encouragement. But really all the glory belongs to God, for He is the one who creates the landscapes I love so much and He gives me eyes to see and to capture His wonders to bring back to others. My whole mission is really about trying to bring the beauty of nature into people's homes and work places, that it might give them peace, and encourage them to believe that anything is possible. And I also believe that to be truly creative, it sure helps to know the Creator. That is why I see myself as an average photographer with a great God.

Question: Where in Australia is your favourite place to photograph?

Ken Duncan: Really, I love all of Australia. We have so much diversity here. I'm always finding new locations, or new levels within locations I've visited many times.

Question: What's next for you?

Ken Duncan: I'm actually wanting to do more work in remote indigenous communities in central Australia (anyone who's interested in mire info on that can go to because many of our indigenous youth do not have the access to technology in the creative arts that so many of us take for granted. So I want to establish a permanent presence by building an arts centre in one particular community I've been working with for over 10 years. Of course, I'll always take photos, because the adventure continues!