How Dangerous Men Think

How Dangerous Men Think

Excerpt Chapter 2 - Sexual Harassment and the male mind-set.

As a police officer Brent Sanders dealt with sex offenders, gangs and other many violent criminals. In the 10 years since leaving the force he has established Winning Edge Strategies and taught more than 62,000 women and girls how to stay safe for life.

Once we understand how to control the way we think in a pressure situation the next step is to understand exactly what our opponent is thinking. The best way to see destructive men's thought processes in action is to look at a situation of sexual harassment- the most common form of attack against women. Once you understand this you can understand every for of male to female confrontation.

Sexual harassment is unlawful under the federal Sex discrimination act defines sexual harassment as: "An unwelcome sexual advance; or an unwelcome request for sexual favours; or unwelcome conduct of sexual nature if the behaviour takes place in circumstances in which a reasonable person would have anticipated that the person would have felt offended; or humiliated; or intimidated.' Basically that means that any behaviour toward you of a sexual nature that makes you feel uncomfortable is sexual harassment.

Let's look at how sexual harassment works. The first thing to note is that not everybody is targeted for this type of confrontation. I have been around for over 30 years but have never been sexually harassed, yet I do not know one woman over the age of 15 who has not experienced sexual harassment! The reason for this is so obvious it is often overlooked.

Girls and women are selected as targets because the harasser believes that they will react the 'right way'. I am rejected as a target because I probably would not react this way.....