How to Cook Children

How to Cook Children

In How to Cook Children, Esmelia Sniff (eight times winner of the World's Stinkiest Crone Award) presents a dazzling collection of recipes from around the world that will have any witch drooling with delight.

Whether you're in the mood for a sizzling Bratwurst sausage from Germany- stuffed with real brats- or an exotic Indian Moppet Paneer, this book is full of great flavours presented by some of the world's nastiest witches. For those who are lucky enough to have a sweet tooth there are also great dessert ideas. You won't be able to resist Nanny Todd's deliciously stick Apple Betty or Esmelia's own crunch Flat Jacks!

Featuring her own opinion of every witch in the book, Esmelia's passion for turning the most unpromising child into a tasty meal is infection. And throughout she also reminds us that every mouthful helps rid the world of these pestilential creatures.

How to Cook Children is beautifully illustrated and with easy-to-follow instructions for dishes that are dripping with cruelty, this utterly mouth-watering book is one that every witch has been waiting for. Bon Appetit!

Colin Stimpson: is an illustrator who lives in England with his tasty wife and two lovely children. For many years he has worked as an Art Director and Production Designer for Walt Disney Feature animation. He is also the genius behind the illustrations for The Poison Diaries.

Martin Howard: is a writer who lives in the South of France with his wife and three delicious children with an assortment of animals. He is the author of The Bad Dog's Diary and lots of other books not interesting enough to mention here. This is his first about cooking children.

How to Cook Children
Author and Illustrator: Martin Howard and Colin Stimpson
ISBN: 9780733323843
Price: $32.95




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