Glow Dreaming

Glow Dreaming

As the busy Christmas season approaches, parents and children alike all need rest to make the most of family celebrations. Glow Dreaming, the world's most advanced sleep aid, is guaranteed to help Australian families sleep this Christmas and be a thoughtful gift for loved ones that are struggling to get shut eye.

Glow Dreaming combines the key features of sleep therapy:
• Aromatherapy using essential oils is designed to calm children's mind and relax the muscles.
• The Humidifier cool mist technology helps ease breathing, prevent snoring, stop airborne viruses and maintain a regular room temperature.
• Pink noise enhances brain activity associated with deep phases of sleep and improves memory retention and focus.
• Red LED Light therapy stimulates the bodies melatonin production which tells us when it's time to sleep.

Glow Dreaming products are designed to prepare the body for sleep by increasing drowsiness and improve the body's ability to remain in a deep sleep throughout the night. The device suits children as young as eight weeks old all the way through to senior adults.

"With Christmas around the corner, Glow Dreaming sleep aids are the perfect, meaningful gift for parents particularly those struggling with restless children," says Cara, the co-founder of Glow Dreaming. "Not only are the devices a practical gift which will improve a family's sleep and relieve stress, they are also a stylish bedroom accessory that acts as a night light for those children afraid of the dark."

"The products are suitable for both boys and girls with all personalities," says Cara. "We have designed a variety of interchangeable patterned sleeves which can be easily slipped off when you're in the mood for another style."

The Glow Dreaming sleep aid also comes with unlimited sleep specialist assistance, making it the gift that keeps on giving. The Glow Dreaming Sleep Specialists are there to help customers and ensure they all get the sleep they deserve.

Sleep is extremely important for growth and happiness in both children and adults. Glow Dreaming will make all your dreams come true and change your family's life forever making it a priceless Christmas gift!

Glow Dreaming is only available online at RRP $130.