Gerald Quigley Beyond The Bottle Interview

Gerald Quigley Beyond The Bottle Interview

Gerald Quigley Beyond The Bottle Interview

As the weather turns cold and crisp, and health experts are predicting a wicked winter of illnesses, Aussie parents are being urged to proactively prepare for the inevitable onslaught of coughs, colds and runny noses.

Parents will naturally visit their pharmacy or supermarket for Cough & Cold medicines during the winter months, but are unlikely to look further for suitable, effective complementary treatments simply because they are not aware they exist.

Pharmacist and Medical Herbalist, Gerald Quigley, says Aussie parents should be made aware of all the options they have to ease snuffles, coughs and breathing difficulties for their children as the weather turns cold.

'As a pharmacist, I know that traditional medicines can help to ease the pain, irritation and discomfort little people have when the dreaded winter woes hit. But I also know parents are increasingly on the look-out for natural, non-invasive ways to ease symptoms where possible – sometimes getting children to take medicine can be as traumatic as the symptoms themselves!"

'For example, mums and dads know that getting a good night's sleep is fundamental to their child's recovery from any respiratory-related illness. So a logical complementary treatment to inhalers and medicines such as ntihistamines and cold and flu syrups could be the Salin Plus salt therapy device."

Salin Plus is a salt therapy device that's creating a revolution in respiratory health in Australia, by reducing the frequency and severity of associated symptoms such as blocked sinuses, constant coughs, congestion, plus hay fever with the simplicity of salt.

Salin Plus is the only salt therapy device in the world suitable for use at home, and works by replicating the 'micro climate" found in salt caves, by removing air borne pollutants and enriching the air with salt ions, bringing the therapeutic benefits of salt-ionised air right under – and into – the noses and lungs of all Australians.

It's suitable for children from babies to teenagers, is easy to use thanks to its noninvasive nature, requires minimal maintenance and has quiet operating levels – very important when trying to get little people to sleep!

Gerald Quigley's Top Tips to help Aussie parents beat the winter woes, brought to you by Salin Plus
1. Keep watch on how your child 'looks and feels" – don't focus on any one symptom
2. Ensure adequate fluid intake, especially room temperature water
3. Try a slightly elevated sleeping position, which can help with blocked noses
4. When administering cold and flu medications to children, including ibuprofen and paracetamol, always check the dosage on the bottle and stick to the recommended regime e.g. every 6-8 hours
5. Consider options that are 100% natural and non-invasive such as Salin Plus, to complement any traditional medicines and treatments to get your little ones better.

Salin Plus
RRP: $239.95.

For more information call 1800 011 653 or visit to buy online and for a full list of pharmacy stockists.

Interview with Gerald Quigley

Question: Can you talk us through what you mean by going 'beyond the bottle"?

Gerald Quigley: Viral infections in a growing child are common, and it's so very easy to reach for a medicine to address the symptoms. Balancing the demands on a child's immune system with supportive therapies allows gentle restoration of wellness.

So, rather that suppress a symptom picture with simply lowering the child's temperature, there are other ways to support a child who is unwell and miserable.

Question: Why are your encouraging Australian parents to go 'beyond the bottle"?

Gerald Quigley: There are some experts who claim that the ready use of paracetamol or ibuprofen to suppress temperature, which is the normal reaction to a viral infection, might be counterproductive. Exploring more supportive options like helping better quality sleep, adequate hydration and appropriate bed rest is what we are encouraging. There is a role for these medicines, but not a primary role.

Question: What are the complementary treatments you are encouraging parents to consider?

Gerald Quigley: Isotonic saline nasal irrigation, gentle chest rubs, plenty of water, and rest. Simple things which are often ignored.

Question: What is the Salin Plus salt therapy device and why do you recommend this to parents?

Gerald Quigley: Salin Plus allows the gentle enrichment of air in a room with salt ions, and the creation of a healthy 'micro-climate" which allows the salt ions to cleanse the respiratory system by thinning mucous and supporting the natural function of the lung tissue to expel it.

Question: What are the main advantages of a system such as the Salin Plus salt therapy device?

Gerald Quigley: Moisture in a room has been accepted for many, many years. This is a dry option without a moisture component. It's a delivery system which provides salt-ionised air directly.

Question: How does this device prevent and treat the colds and coughs?

Gerald Quigley: As the tiny salt particles are inhaled, they act as a cleaner for the entire respiratory system, from the middle ear to deep into the lungs. Salt particles act as a decongestant by thinning the mucous and helping its expulsion more easily. Thick phlegm is much more difficult to bring up, than thinner phlegm. Many children don;'t have the strength in their chest muscles to cough effectively. Salin Plus also acts as an air purifier, removing airborne pollutants, pollen and animal dander.

Question: Why did you decide to research a holistic approach rather than a pharmacy medicine?

Gerald Quigley: We're not saying 'never" to the use of a pharmacy medicine. We encourage parents to use what is best for their child. Salin Plus gives an additional benefit in that there's no dosing, no supervision, it's absolutely safe and more particularly, very effective.

Question: What are the most common conditions you are asked about and how do you suggest treating or even preventing these?

Gerald Quigley: At this time of the year, coughs and colds are common. We know that as a child grows, energy is diverted from their immune system into that required for the growth of muscles, tendons and bones. Hayfever and allergies are becoming more common as years go by, and the reasons aren't clear at all. We suggest that at the first sign of a sniffle from whatever reason, Salin Plus is used in the bedroom to help restful and recuperative sleep. Additionally, it's great to parents with any upper respiratory tract issues as well!

Question: Can you talk about the preventative options you use on a daily basis, especially in Winter?

Gerald Quigley: These options are so simple that they are invariably ignored. Stay warm, stay hydrated, if you get wet, then change into dry clothes, and most importantly get adequate rest because rest is the best way to recuperate.

Question: What are your top five good health tips?

Gerald Quigley: Plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, warming foods like soup, plenty of restful sleep, daytime rest if required, and adequate outdoor activity.

Interview by Brooke Hunter