Fairy Platinum Dishwashing Range

Fairy Platinum Dishwashing Range

Fairy Platinum Dishwashing Range

Britain's number one dishwashing brand and global best-seller from Procter & Gamble, Fairy, is set to revolutionise dish-care as it launches in stores across Australia.

Fairy is the only dishwashing brand in the world that comes with heavy-weight credentials from rockstars (Jerry Hall as the face of the centenary heritage celebrations) to royalty (by warrant to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and a limited edition collection to celebrate the royal wedding) to a global endorsement from food storage giant Tupperware (for its innovative 'red stain' removal technology).

Fairy is an iconic household emblem and brings world class dishwashing technology to Australia. Fairy Liquid has maintained market leadership in the UK for over 50 years thanks to its breakthrough grease-cutting performance and value*.

The Fairy range available in Australia includes:
Fairy Dish Liquid
For those items you don't want to put in the dishwasher try Fairy Liquid the anti-grease miracle. Fairy Dish Liquid provides you with up to five weeks of cleaning power in one 433ml bottle. The concentrate formula has long lasting bubbles and cuts through tough grease. Fairy Liquid is exclusively recommended by Tupperware to help keep plastics in good condition. Available in Original, Lemon and Fairy Antibacterial Action RRP $3.99.

Fairy All in One
Fairy for Dishwashers is recommended exclusively by Tupperware to help keep plastics in good condition. Fairy All in One for dishwashers helps prevent grease and orange colour from food ending up on your plates and plastics. If you wash your plastics at the same time as a plate with last night's Bolognese stained on, you can trust that Fairy All in One will prevent them from turning a dull orange colour. With such tough cleaning and degreasing power, Fairy All in One will help keep your Tupperware looking as good as new. RRP $14.49 (28 pack)/$20.99 (42 pack)

Fairy Platinum
Fairy Platinum is the only dual-action dishwasher tablet on the market that not only leaves dishes 'sparkling clean' but also maintains dishwasher cleanliness. The tablets help prevent the build up of lime scale in your dishwasher, while providing Fairy's best ever degreasing formula. Fairy Platinum gives you the confidence to cook anything you like knowing that your plates will come out clean no matter what you put on them and that what comes off them won't be left in your dishwasher. RRP $14.49 (22 pack)/$20.99 (33 pack)

Review: Very impressive, removed tough carrot stained tupperware marks.