Euca Laundry Powder

Euca Laundry Powder

Euca Laundry Powder

The all-natural laundry powder for sensitive skin
Euca laundry powder is one of the only laundry powders that has no fillers. Fillers have no other purpose but to bulk up the volume of powder in the pack and they can be found in virtually ALL the well known retail brands - even the concentrates and brands that promote that they are low allergenic.

Non soluble fillers never break down and the residues can affect your skin as well as your clothes. People who suffer from skin or bronchial sensitivities can be affected quite badly by fillers as they are an irritant. You have probably seen fillers before; they can be seen in the dusty white marks sometimes left on your clothes, particularly dark garments, after a wash.

Euca has been independently tested as one of 71 commercial laundry powders. The use of Phosphorous, Sulphur and Sodium is prolific in most powders but Euca is significantly lower in Sulphur and Sodium (salt) than any other retail brand, with on average 30 times less sodium. It is also Phosphate free.

Ideal for those who have bronchial or skin sensitivities, the absence of fillers, synthetic perfumes or petrochemical surfactants makes Euca very low irritant. It is just made utilising the natural cleaning and deodorising properties of 100% Australian eucalyptus oil (not imported oils).

To learn more about 100% natural Euca, or to test your own brand of laundry powder for fillers, go to Euca is available at Mitre10 and is $55 for the 10kg pack and $10.95 for the 2Kg.
Euca' is clearly a better clean!

Review: I really enjoyed using Euca, no more complaints about clothes feeling itchy, they were soft and fresh to wear.