Expert Baby On Board Travel Tips

Expert Baby On Board Travel Tips

Travel Designer Shares her 10 Expert Tips for Travel with a Baby on Board

Hint- Don't take your expensive pram and check out the hotel's baby amenities menu

Travel Designer, Alicia Wilson, from K A L E I D O S C O P I C TRAVEL shares her expert tips for travelling with a baby.

Alicia says: "The thought of a holiday with a baby can be overwhelming. Let's face it – it feels like you need to take half the house with you just to go for bread and milk! Here are a few hints to help get you on your way."

On the flight, request a bassinet and bulkhead seating. Aside from the extra leg room, most airlines are also happy for little ones to be set up to play at your feet there during the flight. Bring some extra blankets for sitting on.

Your usual baby bag will nearly get you through most flights. Pack ample feeding items, spare clothes (for them and you), favourite toys and books.

Individual nappies in a snap lock bag with some wipes makes the tiny plane toilets somewhat quicker and easier to negotiate.

You can help little ears with the cabin pressure by having a dummy or bottle ready during take-off and landing.

A baby carrier or wrap is great for settling, and saving your arms if you find yourself walking laps around the aircraft.

The less hand luggage you have, the better. It isn't easy wrangling a little wriggle pot through the immigration and arrivals queues.

Some airlines allow strollers to be taken to the gate which is handy for moving through terminals. Even better, some new travel strollers are so compact and light weight, they fold up to the perfect size for overhead lockers. Airlines are usually generous with checked luggage allowances for extra baby items. However, don't take your best Bugaboo with you - prams travelling as checked luggage have a habit of not being the same pram you remember by the time you get home. Instead, there are companies worldwide who hire out prams, car seats, portacots, highchairs, the works.

Another idea is to buy a cheap stroller locally on arrival, and donate it to a community group before you head home.

Most hotels will provide a cot if booked in advance. Going the extra mile, a gorgeous hotel in the Philippines has a baby amenities menu in the room – forgot to pack the baby bath, steriliser, pool floaties or bouncer? They have it covered. There is even a company in Bali who hire out temporary fencing to protect little guests from unfenced villa pools. Chances are if you need it, someone has thought of it.

Lastly, check the age limits at resort kids clubs and availability of babysitters. Many resorts offer some outstanding care facilities for little people - a perfect opportunity to enjoy a date night or two while you are away. You're on holiday too don't forget!

Alicia concludes: "Go get that first stamp in their new passport and enjoy the adventure."