Dreambaby Hidden Dangers In Your Home

Dreambaby Hidden Dangers In Your Home

Dreambaby Hidden Dangers In Your Home

Australian child safety brand Dreambaby® wants you on your knees! Why? Because only once you start moving like a small child will you properly understand all the potential dangers in your home!

Dreambaby® Co-Founder and Product Development Director, Carolyn Ziegler recommends that all new parents crawl around their homes. "You'd be amazed at the dangers you see from that angle, including dropped pills, needles, sharp corners and open bottom drawers which children can easily access, ' she says. Her next piece of advice is to 'invest in a number of different locks and latches even if they serve the same purpose. By using a variety of different locks and latches that work in different ways, it becomes harder for young children to work out how to open them. Children learn quickly and are VERY curious!".

Carolyn also recommends that you have the right lock or latch for each cupboard depending on the type of handle. One of her favourite locks is the Adhesive Magnetic Locking System®. This renowned and patented, one-of-a-kind safety tool is very simple to use and is the ultimate child safety lock on the market. The Mag Lock® is installed, hidden inside your cupboards and drawers – safely out of the way and sight of curious children. Once in place, these locks can only be released with the use of the powerful Mag Lock® Magnetic Key. Ordinary fridge magnets will not open the lock. With the added benefit of being able to easily remove and re-install (no drilling required) the Dreambaby® Adhesive Magnetic Locking System®, is a MUST-HAVE for all families! Perfect to take away on holidays too! Available in a range of options starting with the Dreambaby® Adhesive Mag Lock® 2 locks & 1 key RRP: $29.95.

'If your child is keen on exploring the kitchen including kitchen appliances and fridge areas, simply secure them all with the hard-to-detect Dreambaby® Premium Appliance & Fridge Latch," recommends Carolyn. Easily installed and even easier to use – it's self-locking – this small yet safe latch will help make your kitchen a safer domain - instantly! And why is it important to secure your fridge at the very least? 'Again think like a child," advises Carolyn. 'Fridges are full of things like that are potentially harmful to little ones". RRP $7.95

In the same vein, Dreambaby® Secure Catches will help prevent other hidden dangers from being uncovered by little fingers, such as crockery and cutlery stored in cupboards! The Dreambaby® Secure Catches are self-locking and easily installed in place and concealed behind cabinet doors and drawers pleasantly out of sight! Perfect for most household cupboards and drawers. (7 pack) RRP $4.95.

The hidden dangers in the entertainment, living and home theatre areas are numerous. 'Sadly, many domestic accidents actually occur most commonly in these areas," notes Carolyn. 'Televisions are a great source of pleasure and stimulation for children, however they have a very dangerous element attached to their size and weight! You can help prevent your large, flat screen television from tipping over with the Dreambaby® Flat Screen Saver. The durable all metal fittings easily secure to the wall or TV cabinet." RRP $14.95

Equally, the dangers hidden in passive furniture are never to be ignored. Furniture, including drawers, book shelves and display cabinets are all heavy, bulky and present a real tipping risk. The Dreambaby® Furniture Straps (RRP $10.95) and the Dreambaby® Furniture Anchors (RRP $10.95) are discreet but are strong and will help securely harness your furniture back on the wall, reducing the risk of tipping and falling.

For more safety solutions for your home, visit the www.dreambaby.com.au or call (02) 9386 4000.