Book Review - Dear Mum

Book Review - Dear Mum

Dear Mum - Thank you for Everything
"The ultimate Mothersday book"

Femail is getting in early for Mothers day just so you can receive a copy of this gorgeous book in time for Mums big day. Bradley Trevour Grieve has captured the wonderful bond between Mother and child through exquisite photographs of the animal kingdom. The pages of this book feature polar bears, tiger cubs, monkeys, bears, kittens and many more cutesy creatures.

Not unlike humans, animals have an instinctual bond with their mums and this is communicated in the warmest way not only through photographs but the quirky and sentimental captions that accompany each picture.

Here is just a taste of what you will find in this coffee table book which features over 60 various moods which freeze frame motherhood's many emotions.