Crazy Creatures at Beasties Zoo Darling Harbour

Crazy Creatures at Beasties Zoo Darling Harbour
Out-of-this world school holiday experience coming soon!

Get up close to crazy creatures at Darling Harbour from 12 to 20 April 2008

See quirky, slimy, giant snails
Get up close to strange, colourful creatures at the Beasties Zoo

Experience a visit from outer-space in the April school holidays with the arrival of enormous slimy, smoky snails and strange Beasties that you've never seen before!

Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority will host an array of strange and wonderful creatures for everyone to meet on Saturday 12 to Sunday 20 April 2008 from 11am to 3pm daily at Darling Harbour.

Kids can see, touch and stroke friendly Beasties at the Beasties Zoo in Palm Grove. Beasties are colourful, weird-looking creatures who behave in unexpected and funny ways, but they love to meet people and will even let you pat them.

Beasties is an interactive installation of electronically controlled creatures that combine sound and movement and other surprises, at the whim of their two unusual keepers. Beasties are designed to inspire fun and ignite the imagination of all who take part.

Sliming their way around Darling Harbour will also be two gigantic hairy snails, ridden by a pair of quirky aliens who love to play with people they meet. Aside from being enormous, these snails also blow smoke, play music and leave a watery snail trail to the delight of the kiddies!

So take a visit to Darling Harbour from 12 to 20 April to be enthralled by these curious creatures.

What: Beasties and Gastropodia animated creatures

When: Autumn school holidays: 12-20 April 2008 at 11am-3pm daily

Where: Darling Harbour

Cost: FREE

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