Coocoose baby bathing towel

Coocoose baby bathing towel
The Coocoose - a baby bathing towel you wear as an apron to help keep you dry when baby's wet!

Bathing a newborn baby can be a really stressful time for new parents - especially trying to ensure your baby keeps warm when they come out of the bath and that they don't slip out of your hands.

Two clever Mums in the UK with young babies remembered that their mothers used a towelling apron back in the 1950's which left both her hands free, and from that they designed the Coocoose. It allows parents to keep their hands free to hold their baby more securely and then cuddle them dry quickly and snugly in the towel/apron (which is pre-warmed from their body heat.

Another benefit is that, as the child grows and bath times become more 'rowdy' the Coocoose will keep parents' clothes dry from the splashing!

A classic design adapted for the modern parent, the Coocoose makes bath time better for the whole family. It is a great way for Dads to enjoy some special bonding time of their own and the Coocoose is fully adjustable to fit Dads too. The hood and generous size means you can keep your baby warm from head to toe from their very first days and as they grow.

The Coocoose is available from and costs $59.95. It comes rolled in its own cotton drawstring bag.

Review: Bath time for new parents can feel like juggling with raw eggs, keeping baby dry & warm from changetable to bath and back again can be messy with oversized towels that don't suit baby's needs. The Coocoose baby bathing towel is practical and useful and a wonderful idea for bath time.