Chocolacticas Shoes

Chocolacticas Shoes

Chocolacticas Shoes

They are amazingly happy.  They are stylish.  They are unique.  They are two very different shoes on two very different feet. 

They are designed in Venezuela – and are highly collectable.

All shoes come in a stunning giant hot chocolate box – which all adds to the fun of buying them.

The remarkable bright arty shoes – which are also incredibly comfortable - are now being launched in Australia – by Pimpos Australia.  They are aimed at both adults and children.

The people behind the bright funky shoes say people will never think shoes are boring again.

The new range is called 'Chocolacticas".  The children's range of shoes is called 'Mini Chocolacticas".

The shoes have already been not just a huge hit in Venezuela – where they first appeared – but also across the USA, Europe and Asia.  In Australia there will initially be 22 different designs available for women and 6 for girls…with more designs to follow.

The family business behind the shoes internationally includes Carolina Aguerrevere and her husband Pablo Martinez.

Part of the reason people are attracted to the amazing shoes is not just their extraordinary arty and vivacious designs but also the fact that they are true collector's items. 

Most of the shoe designs are discontinued within just 12 months, so some of the shoe lovers simply collect them for sheer collectabilitiy.  The shoe designers (based in Venezuela) never re-release designs.  Each design tells a different story.

Carolina's younger brother – Andres Aguerrevere – is launching the shoes in Australia with his wife Andrea Quintana.  Both come from Venezuela.

Andres said, 'The designs are really amazing.  My sister Carolina created the original shoe range and sold them at markets.  She was staggered by the huge response.  Everything went from there.  People love the fact that the shoes are so unique and individual.  They just love to show them off.  It is interesting that there are a range of blogs devoted - on social media - to the shoes.  It seems people just want to spread the word about their love for the shoe designs."

'The bright designs are part of the big appeal.  People love the whole experience of unpacking their shoes from the beautiful chocolate box.  Customers tell us they just love them and think they are amazing.  They think they are cute, quirky and imaginative."

'Carolina has a huge passion for vintage items that have a nostalgic element.  She is capturing the happy and comfortable times of childhood.  The designs are textures, colours, patterns and items that we treasured in childhood."

Andres highlights that just as one foot walks ahead of the other foot, one of the unique elements of the shoe range is that the two shoes in each pair have a different design.  Andres explains, 'It's all about the independence of the foot.  Our feet are independent of each other.  Carolina's strong designs reflect that."

The Chocolacticas range will appeal to many women and girls who have either an interest in fashion or pride themselves on individuality and creative freedom.

Andres Aguerrevere added, 'Having a style available in both kids' and adult sizes allows parents – especially mums – to wear a matching pattern to their child … or set themselves apart by going for a completely new and different style.  Everyone can ultimately be both happy and very creative with their shoes."

You can purchase the new range online by going to  In Victoria you can buy them face to face at the unique showroom located at 211 Swan Street, Richmond.

Chocolacticas shoes are $75 for adult sizes and $55 for Mini Chocolacticas for children.