Children say the funniest things

Children say the funniest things

Children say the funniest things - capture them for Mum and Grandma this Mothers day

Dont you wish you could bottle up all the cute and kooky things that your child or grandchild says and keep them forever?

Thanks to Hallmark you can now capture them in a book and give them as a true keepsake gift for Mothers Day.

New Hallmark Conversations To Keep Books feature voice capture technology that records a child answering a series of open-ended questions designed to spark their imagination and illicit a fun response.

Simply press the record button, read aloud the question on each page and wait for the child to answer - the books will then record the voice and personality of the child, keeping that moment in time forever.

Unless you decide to record over it, the childs voice really will stay permanently due to special voice-save technology that cements the recording, even if the batteries are replaced.

Two titles are available: Mum & Me and Grandma & Me - perfect presents for Mums and Grandmas at Mothers Day, birthdays, or simply to surprise them any time of the year.

Questions in Mum & Me, include: "If you and Mum found a genie in a magic lamp, what three wishes would you make?" While Grandma & Me features questions such as "If Grandma were famous, what would she be famous for?"

Conversations to Keep Books form part of Hallmarks exclusive Interactive Books range, which also comprises Recordable Storybooks and Recordable Photo Albums. Once recorded, the Books and Albums become truly individualised mementos that no one else in the world will have. You can personalise them, record special introductory messages, sing into them, or add your own ending. They can even be used to help little ones learn to read.

Also making its debut in time for Mothers Day is the new Recordable Storybook, I Love You Grandma. Instead of encouraging a conversation, this book allows the child to individually record each page of a very simple scripted story that tells Grandma how much she is loved.

Apart from I Love You Grandma, all other Hallmark Recordable Storybooks are designed to be recorded by parents, grandparents and other adult friends and given to the child so that they can read them over and again, even when the adult isnt there.

Other titles in the Recordable Storybooks range include All The Ways I Love You by Theresa Trinder, Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star: A Bedtime Story by Scott Emmons, Hey Diddle Diddle! Nursery Rhymes for Story Time and My Little Princess by Tom Shay-Zapien.

Hallmark Conversations to Keep and Recordable Storybooks are RRP$34.99 and available at leading retailers, newsagents and selected gift stores nationally or online at