CheekyChinos South Melbourne

CheekyChinos South Melbourne

CheekyChinos South Melbourne

South Melbourne's newest resident CheekyChinos is challenging our city's café culture and making it their mission to be the parents' café of choice.

Located right near the South Melbourne Market on Cecil Street, CheekyChinos is a unique concept that provides young families with simple, high-quality European inspired food, exceptional coffee, a signature range of -Chino Art' babycinos and a state-of-the-art developmental play area.

CheekyChinos features a play area facilitated by child care professionals with internationally sourced play equipment designed specifically to be developmental, engaging and enjoyable for children aged from 0-5 years. At a casual rate of $10 for half an hour or $15 for an hour, this service is separate to the café which is open to all six days a week.

Whether you come to CheekyChinos to read a book, meet a colleague or client, catch up with a friend, or just for a decent coffee; your toddlers are welcome with open arms and will be looked after while you go about your business or recharge your batteries.

Café owners Pam and David Bucca were inspired by a similar concept operating in Europe. During a stint living in Switzerland they became increasingly fond of a café that offered supervised play for young children and decided to bring the concept home and imbibe it with a bit of Melbourne's renown café culture. Designed by parents for parents and to be a sanctuary for young families, CheekyChinos is a sophisticated environment where working parents and jovial kids can co-exist over decent coffee, delicious babycinos and simple, fine food made from fresh produce.

The delectable menu of babycinos, including the -Princess Chino', -Sporty Chino' and -Rainbow Chino' are made using Jonesy's Milk, fresh from the farmer, high in protein and Australian owned.

The play area, designed with the development and safety of children in mind has a 1m high glass fence ensuring children can still keep an eye on mum or dad, and vice versa, reducing separation anxiety and allowing their trained facilitators to help parents and carers achieve half an hour's peace.

Parents are also encouraged to get involved and play with their children in the play area. CheekyChinos is not a child care service provider so it is important to note that parents are not allowed to leave the premises while their children are at play.

CheekyChinos also sells an exclusive range of artwork by Hayley Gillespie and beautiful Lily Loves Pearls organic skin and baby care products.

CheekyChinos is located at 145 Cecil Street, South Melbourne, Victoria, 3205 and is open 8am-4pm from Tuesday to Sunday.

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