Best of ABC for Kids CD

Best of ABC for Kids CD
International success story The Wiggles have emerged triumphant in a poll to find out which artists are most popular with Australian children and their families.

The results are now in, and it's clear that The Wiggles have lost none of their magic for today's kids. Of the top 10 songs, they've taken out no less than six positions! Including favourites like: Rock-a-Bye Your Bear, Hot Potato, Lights, Camera, Action, Wiggles, Toot Toot, Chugga Chugga, Big Red Car, Can You Point Your Fingers and Do the Twist?, Fruit Salad.

Other acts in the top 10 are Play School presenter Justine Clarke with 'I Like to Sing', The Fairies with 'We Love a Fairy Ring', The Hooley Dooleys with 'We are the Hooley Dooleys' and Bananas in Pyjamas with 'Jump Up, Spin Round'.

These tracks are featured, along with 24 of Australia's favourite artists, on a special album titled Best of ABC for Kids, with the tracks all chosen by pint-sized music fans.

Other artists who feature strongly in the poll include the Play School team, The Flower Pot Gang and Active Kids.

Because the songes on Best of ABC for Kids have been chosen by today's youngsters, they're sure to be a hit with kids everywhere, and this bumper collection of music provides a wonderful snapshot of the diversity, talent and sheer entertainment value of Australia's children's entertainment scene.

1. The Wiggles - Rock-a-Bye Your Bear
2. The Wiggles - Hot Potato
3. Justine Clarke - I Like To Sing
4. The Wiggles - Lights, Camera, Action, Wiggles!
5. The Fairies - We Love A Fairy Ring
6. The Wiggles - Toot Toot, Chugga Chugga, Big Red Car
7. The Hooley Dooleys - We Are The Hooley Dooleys
8. The Wiggles - Can You Point Your Fingers And Do The Twist
9. Bananas In Pyjamas - Jump Up Spin Round
10. The Wiggles - Fruit Salad
11. Play School - Jump If You Feel You Want To
12. Active Kidz - Get Activated!
13. The Fairies - In The Fairyland Garden
14. Head, Shoulders Knees And Toes
15. The Flower Pot Gang - Five Little Birds
16. The Hooley Dooleys - Yumbo Jive
17. Bananas In Pyjamas - Bananas In Pyjamas Theme
18. Play School - This Little Piggy
19. The Flower Pot Gang - Say Hello To Daisy
20. Justine Clarke - The Gumtree Family
21. Macarena
22. Mambo #5
23. Yellow Submarine
24. If You're Happy And You Know It
25. Do Re Mi
26. The Hooley Dooleys - Bottom Boogie
27. Active Kidz - Hey Mr DJ
28. Play School - There's A Bear In There
29. Justine Clarke - Watermelon
30. Bananas In Pyjamas - A Picnic For The Teddies
31. Nellie The Elephant
32. Oompa Loompa Doompa Dee Do
33. Food Glorious Food
34. The Chicken Dance

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