ABC Kids presents Bananas In Pyjamas Karaoke Songs

ABC Kids presents Bananas In Pyjamas Karaoke Songs

Theres never been anything quite like the bumbling, lovable Bananas in Pyjamas. Theyve been delighting children for more than a decade now, and their popularity shows no sign of waning.

But, despite their long tradition as Australias favourite childrens characters, the Bananas in Pyjamas are more than happy to keep up with the latest in musical technology.

So their newest release on the ABC for Kids label, Bananas in Pyjamas Karaoke Songs, features the latest CD technology, CD+G, which simply means theres music AND sensational graphics - so eager young performers not only have the backing music to their favourite Bananas in Pyjamas song, but also the lyrics and some cool video footage as well. Now kids can immerse themselves in the Bananas in Pyjamas experience, and almost feel like theyre part of the Cuddles Avenue crew as they indulge in some karaoke with the Bananas, the Teddies and Rat in a Hat.

Bananas in Pyjamas Karaoke Songs is a warm, familiar collection of Bananas in Pyjamas favourites, including a full cast version of the Bananas in Pyjamas theme song, 'Its Singing Time', 'This Old Man', 'The Grand Old Duke of York', 'There Was an Old Woman Who Swallowed a Fly' and 'A Picnic for the Teddies'.

All the Bananas in Pyjamas characters join in for a selection of fun medleys, including the Story Time Medley, featuring 'Old King Cole', 'Sing a Song of Sixpence' and 'Baa Baa Black Sheep', the Come Out to Play Medley, including 'Boys and Girls Come Out to Play', 'Heads and Shoulders' and 'If Youre Happy and You Know It', the Rat in a Hat Medley, with 'Im a Rat in a Hat', 'Muffin Man' and 'Hot Cross Buns', and the Teddy Bears Morning Tea Medley, which includes 'Polly Put the Kettle On' and 'Im a Little Tea Pot'.

Bananas in Pyjamas Karaoke Songs CD+G is the ultimate interactive experience for young fans of these wonderful characters with their warm, positive take on life and music. The album offers hours of entertainment for the whole family, and will build childrens confidence and musical skills at the same time.

And best of all, kids will simply adore joining in with the Bananas, Teddies and Rat and singing their hearts out to their favourite nursery rhymes and songs.

Bananas In Pyjamas Karaoke Songs is available now.
RRP: $14.95

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