Baby 2 DVDs

Baby 2 DVDs
1. What is Baby2 ?
Baby2 is an Australian range of infant development DVDs. The DVDs are designed to encourage parents to build a stronger relationship with their babies and increase learning potential through productive play.

2. Is Baby2 just for babies or can parents watch it too?
Baby2 has been designed for parents and babies to watch together, as Baby2 works on the principle that the best educational toy a baby can play with is 'you.'The DVDs contain lively music and colourful animation so parents can sign along, dance, describe what's happening on the screen, point things out or ask questions to older babies. What's more, Baby2 is not just for parents: grandparents, aunties, uncles, even older brothers and sisters can join in too.

3. What benefits does Baby2 offer babies?
The communication a baby receives in its first few months of life, lays the foundations for learning and emotional regulation. Baby2 provides a range of productive play techniques that encourage baby to learn and develop while simultaneously helping them bond with their parents.

4. Has research been undertaken to support these benefits?
Yes, research suggests that the key to stimulating emotional and intellectual growth in a child is the behavior of its parents. The first two years of life are critical in this regard because that's when the baby is building the mental foundation that will dictate his or her behavior through adulthood. While growth and development is in part predetermined by genetic factors, exactly how the brain grows in dependant upon emotional interaction.

5. How was Baby2 developed and why?
Innovative House, makers of the Peace Baby relaxation CDs, noticed that all the infant development tools available in Australia had been produced in the United States for American babies so decided to create a product for the local market.Innovative sought help from The Parent Infant Research Institute, a leading Australian research organisation, focused on protecting and improving relationships between infants and their parents.

Jeannette Milgrom, CEO of The Parent Infant Research Institute and Professor of Psychology at the University of Melbourne, and her team worked closely with Innovative House throughout the development of Baby2 and suggested the DVDs should encourage parent infant bonding as well as helping babies to learn and develop. The Institute shared psychological concepts such as how to know when a baby is ready to play and outlined techniques that help aid a baby's development.

6. How is Baby2 different to other products on the market?
Baby2 is the first and only range of infant development DVDs to be researched, written and produced in Australia. Baby2 is not a video baby sitter nor is it intended to make babies more intelligent. Instead, Baby2 encourages parents to have fun spending quality, productive time with their babies.

7. How do I know if I am playing productively with my baby?
Each Baby2 DVD contains background information for parents and tips for productive play. Footage of adults and babies trying out the Baby2 play techniques is interspersed with animation, pictures and music so if in doubt parents can follow what's being done on screen.

8. How many DVDs are in the Baby2 range?
There are currently four DVDs in the Baby2 range:
1. 'Sensations' - Which stimulates and expands a baby's fundamental senses.
2. 'Imagination' - Which helps baby focus and engage in imaginative play.
3. 'Exploration' - Which helps baby explore space and size relationships.
4. 'Discovery' - Which helps baby understand the principles of cause and effect.

9. Which age range does Baby2 cover?
The techniques featured in each Baby2 DVD have been especially designed for three development stages: rockers (0-6 months), crawlers (6-12 months) and walkers (12-24 months).

10. How much does Baby2 cost & where is it available?
Each Baby2 DVD as a RRP of $19.95, which is considerably cheaper than the overseas competition.
The Baby2 DVDs will be available from most Safeway and Woolworths stores. For a full list of stockist details call 1800 506 750 or visit