Aromababy Goes Super Luxe

Aromababy Goes Super Luxe

Aromababy Goes Super Luxe

Aromababy, world-renown for its leading-edge formulation and commitment to innovative, premium products, has extended its collection to include more exquisite, organic oils, more choice and more peace of mind to customers.

With Aromababy promise of "providing the absolute best for your baby's skin" this new addition looks set to do exactly that, in the way Mother Nature herself intended.

Aromababy Founder, Catherine Cervasio, an industry pioneer - having created the very first natural brand for mother and child, is well known for her commitment to using only the finest, natural ingredients, combined with her extensive knowledge spanning almost twenty years now. Catherine is a regular speaker at midwifery conferences, organic expos and baby shows. She is a segment presenter for several television programs in Australia and is a published, freelance writer on natural lifestyle and parenting. Catherine is also well known for her charity involvement spanning several countries.

Aromababy has been gifted to the likes of Jamie Oliver, John Travolta, Princess Mary and Uma Thurman to name a few - there will no doubt be a celebrity rush to grab the latest on offer from this cult baby brand with its new, uber-luxury line...

Luxe Baby Oil 125ml
Mineral oil free. A totally natural blend of pure vitamin e, calendula and evening primrose oils ensures this oil is the perfect massage oil for your baby. This formulation contains no essential oils or added fragrance, as recommended by the Eczema Association and the Infant Massage Association. Fragrance-free is also highly recommended for babies with sensitive skin. To use, warm a little oil in your hands then gently apply to Baby's skin. Massage Baby's body using long, fluid strokes. Also suitable for Baby's dry scalp and for women during pregnancy.
RRP: $26.95

Luxe Baby Cream 100 ml
This hydrating, natural lotion contains rosehip oil to provide extra care for even the most sensitive of skin types. Formulated without essential oils, as recommended in particular for babies with eczema, use this light, non-greasy lotion as a body moisturiser from head to toe. This luxury cream is uitable for babies of all ages, including for older children and adults who are prone to irritated skin. Apply all over body and massage until absorbed. Use as required.

Luxe Baby Lotion 250ml
Enriched with a number of organic ingredients including avocado oil, evening primrose oil and safflower oils for superior care of even the newest skin, this product contains no essential oils and is ideal to gently moisturize Baby's delicate skin. Use daily to help alleviate signs of dryness and to further protect the skin from head to toe. Also suitable for older children and adults. Apply this rich cream by using a circular, massage motion until completely absorbed.

Luxe Baby Cleansing Bar 100gm
Handmade on an Australian farm using natural plant oils & pure rainwater, this gentle cleansing bar is produced for Aromababy® LUXE exclusively. Calming chamomile and lavender are added for their soothing properties and to help moisturize whilst cleansing. Apply Bar to damp washcloth and use washcloth to gently cleanse the skin. Also ideal for older children and naturally suitable for the entire family.

Luxe Shampoo and Wash 250ml
Formulated to gently care for the hair, scalp and body with ease. Sulphate and soap free, this low-foam formulation includes pure organic lavender essential oil to help soothe, nourish and moisturize dry skin. To use, add 5ml to warm bath water (or damp washcloth) and then agitate to disperse this gel-like liquid.

Luxe Barrier Balm 45gm
A super-luxe blend of natural evening primrose, vitamin e and calendula oils, together with pure essential oils specifically selected for their ability to help soothe the skin, have been combined in this superior product. Use for diaper care, dribble rash and cradle cap. May also be used on skin affected by eczema, sunburn, windburn, chafing. For adults, use as a lip balm and for areas of dry skin. Apply to the affected area and allow the balm to melt on contact with the skin. Use at every nappy change to help minimise irritation from wetness and provide a light barrier to protect Baby's skin.

Luxe Diaper Cream 125ml
This is diaper care the luxe way. Cleanse and moisturize Baby's nappy area in one simple step. Our luxurious blend of pure essential oils have been added to help soothe and calm the skin. This Cream is also an ideal choice to remove makeup and when used as a hand cream for women. For Baby, apply to the skin to care for the nappy area and allow a light film of natural oils to help protect the skin from irritation.

Luxe Natural Powder 125gm
Natural cornstarch powder combined with luxurious, organic lavender oil has been used in this product. Use after every nappy change to help absorb excess moisture around Baby's nappy area, whilst keeping the skin dry and free from wetness. Apply to Baby's nappy area at every nappy change time or as required. Also suitable for women. Use to prevent chafing under breast area or as a foot deodorizer (sprinkle in shoes).


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