Arnaud Mother Me Baby Me

Arnaud Mother Me Baby Me
When exploring the wonders of motherhood, there are so many special, irreplaceable moments that can be remembered with indelible scents, delicate textures, firsts and laughs. Arnaud helps to celebrate this special journey and nurtures this most intimate relationship between mother and child.

Mother Me Baby Me nurtures and protects delicate skin, and is the highest quality for mum and baby. Made from premium plant-derived ingredients, each especially chosen for its unique benefits, from healing Chamomile for baby, to uplifting Orange Blossom for mums and mums-to-be. Subtle nostalgic aromas are released only from 100% essential oils that are rich in natural active properties.

Aesthetically beautiful, sensual, and practical, 'Mother Me Baby Me' is all mothers need to nurture their baby and themselves.

Mother Me

Uplifting, refreshing and invigorating, this on-the-go spritz is a must for too often neglected mums and mums to be. Mother me mist can be sprayed onto your body, face, ankles and legs for an immediate lift and on your pillow nightly to unwind. Orange Blossom and selected plant extracts, including St. Johns' Wort for the alleviation of anxiety and Gotu Kola for providing energy and alertness, give an instant boost, and leave skin feeling soothed and re-hydrated. Whenever you need a pick me up, mother me will leave you feeling instantly refreshed.

Stretch Mark Therapy
Embrace the changes to your body and maintain supple and nourished skin as plant oil and waxes keep your skin soft and glowing. to help reduce the visible signs of stretch marks, varicose veins and capillaries, we have included Vitamin E, powerful in its natural healing and regenerative powers, and AHA's, fruit derived antioxidants that naturally exfoliate your skin, restoring elasticity and revealing a youthful, healthy glow. Orange Blossom uplifts your senses as you enjoy a sensual and effective massage by rubbing into your breasts, tummy and thighs daily, and applying to the perineum in your third trimester. Support and nourish your body during this time of wonderous change.

Baby Me

Nappy Rash Balm
Harnessing the natural anti-flammatory and antiseptic properties of Calendula in a water proof beeswax base, this balm provides an effective moisture barrier to keep your baby comfortable. Being completely zinc-free, its translucent, natural appearance further appeals to mothers as it can be used fro the treatment of rash on the arms and neck without leaving an unsightly white mineral residue. Containing Vitamin E, this soothing balm protects delicate skin from chaffing and irritation, and can be also used by mothers as a nourishing lip-balm, or an effective remedy for sore and cracked nipples.

Natural Baby Powder with Oatmeal
Delicate skin is tenderly cared for with this fine, food-quality corn, wheat and oatmeal powder. A non-mineral, natural powder that quickly absorbs moisture, helping to prevent rash, chaffing and inflammation. Also with subtle plant extracts that naturally contain mild antiseptics to promote healing. With much debate surrounding the use of talc, oatmeal is a wonderful non-mineral alternative and its soothing properties help to settle your baby. Gently shaken onto skin after every bath and nappy change, its absorbency and healing properties keep fragile skin soft, dry and protected.

Gentle Body Wash
Bathing becomes a cherished bonding time as Lavender Stem essential oil, renowned for its calming effect for sleep, and Chamomile plant extract, leave your baby's skin feeling supple and clean. Delicate, calming aromas are released in a warm wind-down evening bath to soothe your baby for sleep. This all-in-one wash for baby's body, face and hair is tear-free, pH balanced, and ideal for sensitive skin.

Calming Massage Oil
Bond with soothing massage as light blend of Soybean and cold pressed Olive and Avocado plant oils leave delicate skin feeling soft, soothed and protected. Gentle, light and easily absorbed, 'baby me' calming massage oil is far more effective than lotion as the most pure way to care for your baby's skin. Lavender essential oil promotes calm in this water-soluble oil that can be used diluted in a warm bath or massaged gently onto baby's moist skin. Mothers can enjoy the intimacy of an all over massage, or a relaxing aromabath too.

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