All that Shimmers

All that Shimmers

All That Shimmers

Fendi, Christian Louboutin, Alex Perry, Jimmy Choo: with friends like these, who needs fidelity?

Jade Jaeger has it all. Or so she thinks. When she vows 'for richer or poorer' to her millionaire entrepreneur boyfriend, she is swept away in a cloud of Porsche smoke and enters the exclusive ASH world- that of Affluent, Suburban Housewives, who while their time away with cocaine and canapés, as their spoilt children are raised by nervous nannies.

But all that glitters ain't necessarily gold and when her husband's eye starts wandering, Jade is one yummy mummy who won't take it lying down. As the cracks begin to show Jade is faced with a most modern dilemma: Overlook the betrayals and keep her luxurious lifestyle? Or start over, alone and broke, but with dignity.

All That Shimmers is a deliciously explosive account of the inner working of Australia's A-List, written by the strong and sassy Jade Jaeger: author, mother of two and ex-wife of the millionaire behind the Pubboy-brand.

With her Jimmy Choos firmly planted on the ground, and clutching her 44-point 'what I want in a man' list, Jade weighs up her own happiness against the life to which she is accustomed, all with good humour and a little bit of raunch...

What I want in a man
Wonderful lover, passionate, gentle and kind.
Insane physical chemistry (with me).
Loves me deeply and honestly, and puts me first.
Generous beyond my wildest dreams.
Successful as both a businessman and a human being.
Loves and respects all women, but is 100 per cent monogamous.
Great relationship with his parents and siblings.
Strong and mature.
Wise and intelligent.
Great sense of humour, and can make me laugh out loud until I cry or wet my pants.
Spontaneous and inspiring.
Likes to have a big night once in a while (but secretly prefers to chill with me alone).
Loves my children like they were his own.
Can have sex for hours (with me) and cuddles (me) to fall asleep.
Great kisser.
Has a calming affect on me.
Thinks I am the sexiest, smartest and most beautiful women on earth.
Brave and stands up for himself (and me when necessary).
Loves my family and enjoys spending time with them.
Loves to travel the world (with me).
Drives an eco-friendly car (without being an eco-wanker).
Has $4 million liquid and no debt, but is super low-key about it.
Has a small ego and is humble.
Healthy and happy person.
Beautiful body, gorgeous face and sexy with a full head of hair.
Has a nice deep voice.
Affectionate and demonstrative in public.
Has good morals.
Always speaks to me with respect.
Makes me feel secure, loved and cherished at all times.
Very friendly and welcoming towards my friends.
Loves the same music, movies and television shows as me.
Loves to read and write.
Fantastic listener and has deep soulful conversations with me.
Tall (over 6'1").
Beautiful hands and feet.
Large penis (20cm in length, 6cm in diameter).
Has no emotional attachments to women from pervious relationships, so is totally free to love (me).
Fantastic fashion sense and looks amazing in what he wears (without appearing gay).
Smells great always.
Loves animals, but doesn't want to own one.
Is spiritual (but not so much that it's boring).

Jade Jeager was born in Sydney in 1975. She has worked in public relations, real estate and copywriting. Jade lives in Sydney with her 2 children. All That Shimmers is her first book.

All That Shimmers
Macmillian Australia
Author: Jade Jeager
ISBN: 978140539253
Price: $34.99