Acts of Dog - By Debra Adelaide

Acts of Dog - By Debra Adelaide

In a dog-eat-dog world our four legged friend provides us with limitless comfort and inspiration that sometimes seems divine.

Here, a collection of talented writers offers stories and memoirs based on dogs: the search for a guard dog that wouldn't lick intruders to death the floozy that adopted two owners; the actor who talked to an imaginary dog.

Contributors include Louis Nowra, Sue Woolfe, Barry Dickins, Robyn Williams and Carmel Bird - all responded to the invitation of writing a dog story in completely different, entertaining and exciting ways.
Some of the writers in this collection mine memory for their dog stories, some write of the possibility of a dog-filled future, others of the very immediate presence of the dogs in their lives.

Proxy accidental, reluctant or passionate owners of dogs, these writers all offer fresh and intriguing perspectives on our most trusted companion.

'I am sure God is a dog, otherwise whatever is the point?'

'Dog is God spelt properly.' Llama Surya Das
ACTS OF DOG, perfect for Dog lovers.