Actors Incorporated

Actors Incorporated

Lights, Camera, Action!

The acting industry is a tough business and opportunities and 'big' breaks are few and far between. You have to be in the right place at the right time; know your craft well and network your little backside off! Then if you are one of the lucky few to "make it", your workload and the pressure increases ten-fold and you have to fight tooth and nail to secure and hold down a gig. For every actor that is successful, there are hundreds who are unemployed. Then there are stars in the making, waiting in the wings ready to try and knock others from their perch.

Still, dreams are important to have and hold on to and CAN come true, as this group of inspiring actors will tell you.

Actors Incorporated is an acting group consisting of eleven experienced actors, trying to create their own destiny. I recently had the pleasure of being invited along to attend an intimate showcase performed in front of managing agents, casting agents, writers, producers and other industry representatives.

As an audience member the show did not disappoint. But it certainly did INSPIRE me.

Rather than relying on the usual process of waiting for a casting agent to source their talent, these eleven talented individuals have proactively united as Actors Incorporated to showcase their talents and passions in the tailored performance they gave.

Group spokesperson, Catherine Green commented, "although we are all experienced actors, we still share the challenge of common factors - the lack of access to the casting agents and opportunities to perform for them, so we have pooled our talents and provided a time-effective way for casting agents to see what we have to offer."

The group employed Luke Gallagher (currently directing and producing 'Lucky Stiff') to direct the selection of scenes and monologues. The show contained a variety of pieces from stage and screen including 'Proof', 'Angels in America', 'Lone Star', 'The Crying Game', 'Sex In The City' and much more.

In teaming up, the eleven actors: Suzanne Barr, Carmen Burns, David Cormick, Mairead Curran, Katrina Fleming, Margaret Geurts, Catherine Green, Shane Stewart, Sarah Spiteri, Melanie Thomson and Travis Waite, resourced professionals such as Richard Sarell, Peter Tulloch, Don Bridges and Brett Adam to facilitate workshops to refine their abilities on an on-going basis and particularly in preparation for the showcase.

Don Bridges, recently known for his performance in 'Francis Kiss' and involvement with the National Performer's Committee and the Victorian Branch Council for Equity, said "It is refreshing to see a group of very talented professional actors so enthusiastic and driven to continuous improvement and success. There is an abundance of talent here just waiting for the right opportunity."

It has always been a vision of Actors Incorporated to showcase their work for the Melbourne and Sydney entertainment industries.

Actors Incorporated provides a well-needed 'drop in centre' in Melbourne for working actors to continually challenge themselves and get feedback and develop their skills from each other and from experts in the field. By continually work-shopping and 'honing' skills, actors remain marketable and in touch with the 'tools of the trade'.

Overall, Actors Incorporated succeeded in putting on a stylish and entertaining show. Highlighting their diverse acting skills and commitment to their industry, these talented young actors have a promising future and should serve as an inspiration to us all. It is okay to reach for the stars because you may just get there, one day.

- Annemarie Failla