William McInnes Unfinished Sky Interview

William McInnes Unfinished Sky Interview

Unfinished Sky

Starring William McInnes

Released Nationally June 19.

Palace Films is proud to announce the release of Unfinished Sky starring William McInnes (Look Both Way, SeaChange) in cinemas nationally from June 19.

Written and directed by Peter Duncan (Children of the Revolution, Hell Has Harbour Views), Unfinished Sky is a superbly layered love story for grown ups set against the rugged and tense beauty of country Australia.

When Tahmeena (Monic Hendrickx) stumbles onto Johns (William McInnes) isolated farm, he has no choice but to take her in. Shes been badly injured and speaks no English. While Johns not inclined to welcome visitors, not since the suspicious death of his wife, hes even less inclined to involve the police. So he goes about his business as he waits for her to heal when he plans to send her on her way.

An initially reluctant voyage of mutual discovery begins as these two strangers gradually learn to communicate and connect.

Tahmeena brings the homestead back to life, reopening Johns eyes to the beauty of his land. In return, John does his best to track down the lost daughter she sent ahead before herself fleeing her war-torn homeland.

As the layers of mistrust and hurt are peeled away, a love affair - passionate and poetic - unfolds to reveal the beauty of freedom, hope and choice.

Unfinished Sky explores the nature of loss and the language of love. Its about finding the courage to trust again, the risks we take to protect those close to us and the devastating consequences of small town secrets.

Interview with William McInnes for Unfinished Sky

Why did this character or movie appeal to you?

William McInnes: It was a chance to shoot up in Queensland where I grew up and I thought thought that might be fun and also a chance to work with Peter Duncan who I have always liked.

What is your next venture?

William McInnes: A book tour for my book Thatd Be Right and another movie.

What challenges did you have find while filming?

William McInnes:Not eating too much at lunchtime.

How is Unfinished Sky different to anything you have done before?

William McInnes:Well I suppose it was more atmospheric and an emotional piece. Also a lot of the film uses very little dialogue, so I guess theres a few differences.

What are you looking forward to most in regards to the release of Unfinished Sky?

William McInnes:Oh I suppose I hope people will go and enjoy an Australian film that entertains with a bit of a brain.

Youve gone through a lot to get this far, has it been worth it?

William McInnes: The lunch on a film set is always worth it.

Did you always want to act?

William McInnes:No not really. I think you let yourself be drawn into it. Let yourself fall into it.

How was it working with Peter Duncan?

William McInnes:Very pleasant. Hes a very nice fellow.

How was it filming in your home state?

William McInnes:Its always good to go back to Queensland. One of my favorite places.

How can you relate to your character?

William McInnes: I guess we can all relate to somebody who has experienced a loss of some kind, and I think the fear of not dealing well with it is one which would hold some resonance for most people. Also I have always enjoyed kicking footballs over a house.

Whats a typical day like for you?

William McInnes:Pretty chaotic.

Tell me a bit about the movie?

William McInnes: Well I think it is solid movie. A story that is beautifully shot, well told and one that never forgets it is supposed to entertain people. The fact that it has a bit of brain to it is a real bonus.