24 Cast Reunion

24 Cast Reunion
STARS CELEBRATE FOUR SEASONS OF SUCCESSThe stars of the groundbreaking TV series 24 gathered together in LA on December 6th, 2004 for a cast reunion party to celebrate the US release of 24 Season 4 on DVD. The Australian release of this Golden Globe® and Emmy-Award® winning series is scheduled for August.

Kiefer Sutherland (Jack Bauer) and Carlos Bernard (Tony Almeida), two stars who are veterans of all four seasons were both in attendance. They walked the red carpet alongside some of hottest the new stars from Season 4 like Roger Cross (CTU Agent Curtis Manning), William Devane (Secretary of Defense James Heller) and Kim Raver (Audrey Raines).

Stars from previous seasons like Dennis Haysbert (President David Palmer) who recently toured Australia, Lou Diamond Phillips (Mark De Salvo) and Mary Lynn Rajskub (CTU Technical Analyst Chloe O'Brian) also came along to help launch the new season and to celebrate the series' phenomenal success.

1. KIEFER SUTHERLAND (All four seasons) stars as Counterterrorist agent Jack Bauer.

2. SHOHREH AGHDASHLOO (Season Four) plays Dina Araz, a treacherous Middle Eastern woman living in Los Angeles with her husband and son. Unbeknownst to their neighbors, they are principal agents in a terrorist cell planning a massive attack against the United States.

3. JONATHAN AHDOUT (Season Four) plays Behrooz Araz, a Middle Eastern teenager living in L.A. whose family is involved in carrying out a deadly terrorist attack.

4. REIKO AYLESWORTH (Season Two, Three & Four) plays Michelle Dessler, a high-ranking CTU agent formerly married to fellow agent Tony Almeida until his arrest for treason.

5. XANDER BERKLEY (Seasons One and Two) played George Mason, a CTU agent who came to a heroic end by flying a suicide mission to prevent a nuclear warhead from exploding in Los Angeles.

6. CARLOS BERNARD (All four seasons) plays Tony Almeida, a CTU agent who was sent to jail for treason for putting saving his wife's life ahead of his sworn duty to protect his country.

7. SARAH CLARKE (Seasons One, Two and Three) played the dangerous Nina Myers, a double agent and international terrorist who killed Jack's wife in Season One and who was ultimately killed by Jack in Season Three.

8. ROGER CROSS (Season Four) plays Curtis Manning, an agent in CTU.

9. WILLIAM DEVANE (Season Four) plays Secretary of Defense James Heller, who is kidnapped by Middle Eastern terrorists and put on trial for "crimes against humanity".

10. LAURA HARRIS (Season Two) played Marie Warner, the spoiled and seemingly innocent sister of Kate Warner who on the day of her wedding was ultimately revealed to be allied with terrorists inside the U.S.

11. DENNIS HAYSBERT (Seasons One, Two and Three) played the virtuous Presidential candidate (and later President) David Palmer.

12. LESLIE ANN HOPE (Season One) played Teri Bauer, Jack's wife who was kidnapped along with their 16-year-old daughter by terrorists and was ultimately killed by a treacherous double agent.

13. PENNY JOHNSON JERALD (Seasons One, Two and Three) played Sherry Palmer, the tough and duplicitous wife of David Palmer, a woman who knew what she wanted… and would mow down anyone in her path in her quest to get it.

14. LOUIS LOMBARDI (Season Four) plays Edgar Stiles, an agent in CTU.

15. LANA PARRILLA (Season Four) plays Sarah Gavin, an agent in CTU.

16. LOU DIAMOND PHILLIPS (Season One) played Mark DeSalvo, the prison warden of the facility housing notorious terrorist Victor Drazen (Dennis Hopper).

17. MARY LYNN RAJSKUB (Season Three) played Chloe O'Brian, the eccentric and highly proficient technical analyst at CTU.

18. PHILLIP RHYS (Season Two) played Reza Naiyeer, the Middle Eastern fiancé of Marie Warner. Originally suspected of having terrorist ties, he learns too late his fiancée is the one with connections to terrorists.

19. KIM RAVER (Season Four) plays Audrey Raines, a U.S. government official who is having an affair with Jack Bauer and gets kidnapped in a terrorist plot against her father, the Secretary of Defense.

20. ANDREA THOMPSON (Season Three) played Dr. Nicole Duncan, a U.S. government specialist in infectious diseases, who was brought in to help deal with an outbreak of a deadly weaponized virus unleashed in Los Angeles.

21. AISHA TYLER (Season Four) plays Marianne Taylor, a pushy and ambitious agent at CTU.

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