John Travolta

John Travolta

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SNAPSHOT ON John Travolta

Full Name: John Travolta

D.O.B: 18 Feb, 1954

Born: Englewood, New Jersey, USA

Star Sign: Aquarius

Eye Color: Brown

Height: 6'2''

Current Residence: Los Angeles, California, USA

Famous for:
Saturday Night Fever
Pulp Fiction
Broken Arrow
Blow Out

Other info:
- John was one of the first men to ever appear on the cover of McCall's magazine.
- John practices Scientology.
- John has four homes across the United States: Maine, Hawaii, Florida and California.
- John is an avid pilot.
- He is one of the only private civilians to own a Gulfstream II jet.
- He also owns a Learjet 24B, Canadair CL-41G, Tebuan Military trainer and Boeing 707-138 B. The man loves to fly!

Married to: Kelly Preston
Children: Jett, Ella Beau

2001: Swordfish
2000: Battlefield Earth
1999: The General's Daughter
1998: A Civil Action
1998: The Thin Red Line
1998: Primary Colors
1997: Mad City
1997: She's So Lovely (also Exec. Producer)
1997: Face Off
1996: Michael
1996: Phenomenon
1996: Broken Arrow
1995: White Man's Burden
1995: Get Shorty
1994: Pulp Fiction
1993: Look Who's Talking Now
1991: Shout
1991: Eyes of an Angel
1990: Look Who's Talking 2
1990: Chains of Gold
1989: The Experts
1989: Look Who's Talking
1985: Perfect
1983: Two of a Kind
1983: Staying Alive
1981: Blow Out
1980: Urban Cowboy
1978: Moment By Moment
1978: Grease
1977: Saturday Night Fever
1976: Carrie
1976: The Tenth Level
1975: The Devil's Rain

1997: Happy Birthday Elizabeth: A Celebration of Life (special)
1992: Boris and Natasha (movie)
1991: Chains of Gold (movie) (also Writer)
1989: Twist of Fate (movie)
1987: Basements (movie)
1987: The Dumb Waiter (movie)
1976: The Boy in the Plastic Bubble (movie)
1975: Welcome Back, Kotter (series)

1978: Grease Soundtrack
1976: Let Her In

Best Known Character Trait: His big blue eyes!

Parents: Dad: Salvatore Travolta Mother: Helen Travolta (both now deceased)

Sisters: Ellen, Annie & Margaret
Brothers: Joey & Sammy

  • John Travolta/Nicolas Cage won the Best On-Screen Duo in the MTV Movie Awards 1998 from their appearance in FACE/OFF.
  • Awarded at the 53rd Annual Golden Globe Awards 1995 as the Best Actor in a Leading Role-Musical or Comedy in GET SHORTY.
  • Voted as the World Film Favourites of 36th Annual Golden Globe Awards 1978.
  • He won World Artist Award in 1999 at Blockbuster Entertainment Awards.

    Bizarre Fact: John is a high school drop out
    Took dancing lessons from Fred Kelly (Gene Kelly's brother) from age six

    "Certainly after September 11 happened and my favourite thing in the world, which is the airlines, was used to do something so completely destructive, it saddened not just me but everyone else in the world.
    "Oh, bite the weenie, Riz."

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