Demi Moore Are toy boys the new black?

Demi Moore Are toy boys the new black?
By Mirvat Sarkis.

What do Demi Moore, Ivana trump, Courtney Cox Arquette, Cher, Gretel Killeen and Madonna, oh sorry I mean Ester have in common, their fashionable accessory on their arm, a toy boy. Demi Moore made it incredibly fashionable last year donning Ashton Kutchar on her arm as if he were a Harry Winston.

Gone the days of men being the only ones with this fashionable accessory, the younger spouse typically half their age, women now show it off more than ever and are proud of it. So proud in fact that Socialite and Former Mrs Trump Ivana now has her own reality TV show about it cleverly titled Ivana younger man in where Ivana helps out a 40 something woman select a 20 something man. And to quote Ivana on just how proud she is of this seasons hottest accessory "Id rather be a babysitter than a nurse". If I were her id go and trademark that catchphrase just like her sell-out of an ex did with "you're fired".

Proud however is an exception to big brother host Gretel who last month in an airport on her way to Africa when ask if these were her kids referring to her children and last years big brother housemate Saxton Small Gretel replied yes. Gretel aside, ladies if you want to be in this season you only need one thing to be hot, a toy boy.


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