Tim Robards Wedding Skin Preparation Interview

Tim Robards Wedding Skin Preparation Interview

Tim Robards partners with Australian organic skincare brand for men Handsome.

Australian-owned Handsome Men's Skincare is proud to introduce fitness guru Tim Robards as their brand ambassador. Known for his rugged good looks, chiselled physique and dedication to health, fitness and clean living, Tim knows the importance of looking after himself, which makes him the perfect fit for Australia's leading skincare collection for men.

The brand-new range offers men an extensive collection of quality grooming products made with natural and organic ingredients that are effective for male skin, enjoyable to use and look stylish in their presentation.

On a quest to make the world more handsome, Handsome Men's Skincare is the brainchild of two of the biggest names in the Australian beauty industry, Mark Tucker and Neale Joseph, who recognised a gap in the market for skincare products specifically designed for men.

"We believe when you take care of yourself, it reflects not only in your physical appearance but also in your health and wellbeing," says Mark Tucker, co-founder of Handsome. "With his healthy lifestyle and inspiring training program, The Robards Method, Tim is the epitome of the 'Handsome' man, so we're delighted to announce this new partnership with him."

For Tim, teaming up with Handsome was a no-brainer, "I take a lot of care of what goes into my body, and the same rules apply to what I put on my skin," says Tim. "I love the fact that the Handsome range is made with men in mind, using natural and organic ingredients, and no harsh chemicals."

As Tim prepares for his wedding to The Bachelor beauty Anna Heinrich, he's bringing his A-game to his daily grooming routine. "I spend a lot of time outdoors and in the water, so the Handsome Facial Wash and Facial Moisturiser are great for keeping my skin hydrated, and the 2 in 1 Shampoo and Body Wash are the perfect addition to my gym bag," says Tim.

The Handsomerange of Australian skincare products for men is available online and in Priceline stores nationally, with prices starting at $17.95.

Interview with Tim Robards

Question: What inspired you to partner with Handsome Men's Skincare?

Tim Robards: Well, there was a period of my life where I struggled with problem skin when I was a teenager. My mum tried her best taking me from GPs to beauticians and I tried everything from medications to gadgets zapping my face. I grew up in the steelworks city of Newcastle where men were your typical Aussie 'blokes' and having a skin regime was a head drinkable offence…so all the time I tried to hide it all from my peers. I think it's important to show young men that taking care of your skin is not just for girls and it doesn't mean you're vain… it just means that you care about yourself, your health and you always want to be at your best. That's why I'm stoked to be part of the Handsome brand.

Question: Which product from the Handsome Men's Skincare range is your favourite?

Tim Robards: I really like the Handsome Facial Wash and Facial Moisturiser as they are great for keeping my skin hydrated, and the 2 in 1 Shampoo and Body Wash are the perfect addition to my gym bag.

Question: Why is an organic skincare brand important to you?

Tim Robards: As I touched on, I care a lot of what goes into my body and what I put on my skin. The fact that the Handsome range is using natural and organic ingredients, and no harsh chemicals, whilst at an affordable price point… truly resonates with my lifestyle philosophy.

Question: How has your skincare regime changed approaching your wedding?

Tim Robards: I'm a big believer that a wedding shouldn't be the reason you want to look your best and find a healthy weight. You should want to look and feel your best all the time, not just for one day of your life. So to be honest, I think it's important to look after your skin every day, not just those days leading up to a wedding. So I just make sure I keep consistent with my routine!

Question:  Can you give us any insight into your wedding planning?

Tim Robards: The hardest and most stressful part is picking the location. We toyed with having one in Australian or the possibility of having something smaller overseas. When we found our location (which we are keeping private) it was then down to me doing the negotiation. I guess that's more my forte than Anna's…. She's too nice (laughs)! So I think initially I was kind of doing a lot of the organisation and now Anna and her good friend Georgie have taken over all the logistics and things that I would have no idea about. I do the business side, they make it look pretty and make sure everything goes to plan!

Question: Do you have a morning routine? Can you share it with us?

Tim Robards: These days I love having spontaneity in my life. No day every starts the same. This can be stressful sometimes not having a set routine but keeps me creative on the other hand. My day usually starts with checking my emails and planning my top priority tasks/deliverables and meetings for the day. I cannot get started without a shower to wake up; my usual skin routine, which thanks to Handsome is quick and effective. I like to find a cafe and set up my morning office there whilst I try and confuse the barista with a different style of coffee every morning. They can never guess what I'm having each day.

Question: How often do you work-out? What are your favourite ways to get sweaty?

Tim Robards: I try and do something that makes me sweat most days. I mix up my TRM style workouts which I usually do outside on the rings and bars plus I add a few powerlifting sessions in during the week. I love my power yoga and a simple run/swim or a boxing class when I can!

My top tip to get sweaty is to find what you enjoy. Challenge your body enough in the session to stimulate it to change. If we stay within our comfort zone with anything in life, we stagnate. If you want to change you have to stimulate your body to do so. That means short sharp burst of 110% effort. It means pushing out that 11th rep when you thought you only had 10 in you. That's where you will see results and find your love of training.

Question: Where would we typically find you on a Sunday?

Tim Robards: I do a boxing class if I'm in Sydney. Its 1.5 hrs and a great mix of people! I love the community vibe you get there and it's a great way to burn off the food/drinks from the night before. If I'm not in Sydney I'll either be back in Newcastle visiting the folks or off on a weekend getaway adventure somewhere… usually by the water!

Interview by Brooke Hunter