Scott Baio - Charles. Always in Charge!

Scott Baio - Charles. Always in Charge!
The children of the eighties have spoken. There is, and always will be, an underlying hunger to know about the lives of our TV icons of the generations past especially of the teen-dream, he-is-soooooo-cute genus. Who springs to mind first? There are so many to choose from...but one, unmistakably stands out in my mind ~ Scott (scha-wing) Baio!

During our impressionable years, he was our treasured after-school entertainment, and was forever plastered on our bedroom walls, school folders and in our daydreams. I'm sure he was the 'beau ideal' for the many dedicated gals, and surely reinforced our lofty expectations about the male species for the following years. (Huh, as if anyone but Chachi could fulfill our dreams!)

In case you need a little bit of a refresher, a 'Scott Timeline' has been compiled especially for you. Or was it me? Anyway, admit it, who doesn't have a hankering for this hunky TV hero, who naturally radiates that clean-cut-american, boy-next-door, beam.

This is the rundown down of our Scott's career highlights, believe me, there is more to Scott than meets the eye.... (Is that possible?)

Scott Baio's Bio

1961 ~ Born 'Scott Vincent James Baio' in Brooklyn, New York. Watch out world, a teen dream is born.

1970 ~ Scott launched his career at the delicate age of 9, as an 'Ovaltine Boy'(!), a commercial for that synthetic hot-chocolatey drink.

1976 ~ The film 'Bugsy Malone' was Scott's first big break. He was chosen for the lead role, out of 2000 budding starlets to star in this classic. How could the Directors resist? He also played 'Julius' in the TV series 'Luke Was There'.

1977 ~ A great year. Scott played Anthony DeLuca in TV series 'Blansky's Beauties', and then joined the 'Happy Days' cast as the oh-so-cute 'Chachi Arcola', Fonzie's little cousin. How could he be anything but cool? For seven sweet years we came to know and love this strapping young lad from head to toe. Pity, freckle-faced girl scout Joanie (Erin Moran) got first dibs. Grrrrr. At this stage, along the rest of the world, I was emphatic I was his bride to be ...(sigh).

1978 ~ Remember 'Who's Watching the Kids', and little Scotty as 'Frankie (The Fox) Vitola'? No? - me either.

1979 ~ During this time, Scott made several screen appearances, such as 'Richie' in 'Skatetown, USA'(I think the title says it all) with 'Little House on the Prairie' star Melissa Sue Anderson.

1980 ~ The Awesome Eighties begin, and Scott makes his way into the new decade appearing as Brad in 'Foxes', with Jodie Foster, and 'Buff Saunders' in 'The Boy Who Drank Too Much' (what!). He was also performer in 'Circus of The Stars'. Just imagine him in that leotard

1982 ~ This was the year of 'Joanie Loves Chachi', the spin-off from 'Happy Days'. These days weren't so cheery, in fact after an airing for only 17 episodes; this series was filed under 'F' for Flop. Somehow it was never more than a faint shadow in 'Happy Days' glare. Lets blame it on the co-star, cupcake Erin Moran (speaking of which?). The show happened to take the characters away to Chicago. Here, Scott endeavoured to launch his singing career. Ba-bong.

1983 ~ 'Zapped' was his next feature, where he played 'Barney Springboro' a high school boy who suddenly develops telekinetic powers, (very impressive Scott). This was alongside Willie Aames ("Buddy" to be) and Heather Thomas of 'The Fall Guy'.

1984 ~ In 1984 'Charles in Charge' began to grace the airwaves. Who can forget the sitcom antics of the Powell Family? The stern old-codger 'Walter Powell', Charles's endearing coffee-shop mom (Ellen Travolta), goody-two-shoes 'Sarah Powell', trendite 'Jamie Powell', pesky 'Adam Powell', 'Buddy Lembeck' (no comment), and what about Charles's 'perfect' girlfriend? This golden series remained on the air until 1990. Sing along! ~ "There's a, new boy in the neighbourhood, lives downstairs and it's understood; He's there just to ....". Here's something for you, apparently throughout the entire series, Charles never revealed his last name..... mmmmm, mysterious.

1985 ~ Scott branches out and plays 'Pat the Pig'(?) in 'Alice In Wonderland'.

1988 ~ '88 was the year of Scott as spunky'Mario Cotone' in 'I Love New York'.

1991 ~ Next, was his role as 'Asst. D.A Peter Whelan' in 'Perry Mason: The case of the Fatal Fashion'.

1992 ~ Scotty seemed to dwindle somewhat round about this time. After 'Baby Talk', the spin-off show to "Look Who's Talking" (including Tony Danza & George Clooney), was cancelled, our sexy Scott began his fade into heartbreaking obscurity. No! Please don't go...

1993 ~ No, he won't give up; playing the handsome 'Charlie' in Daniel Steel's 'Mixed Blessings'

1994 ~ Still hanging in there, he made appearances in 'Diagnosis Murder' as 'Dr. Jack Stewart', and was the Ringmaster in 'Circus of the Stars goes to Disneyland'. Scott loves his circuses.

1996 ~ Scott hosted the TV special "Before They Were Stars". Hmmm, better than crooning on a street corner I guess...

1997 ~ Are you aware of the film 'Detonator'? Alongside Tom Arnold and Kelly Preston, Scott starred in this straight-to-video action movie. Sadly, no major shockwaves occurred here.
From here there is a blank void of Scott nothingness, except for the occasional mention during late night comedy routines. We would never mock you Scott, promise! The next major event was the shock engagement to barbie-babe Pamela Anderson. Somehow they never quite made it down the aisle (is that Tommy calling..). Scott, what were you thinking!

2000 ~ But wait,....the latest 'sewing circle' report states, he has been currently involved in producing the film 'Very Mean Men' as rough-n-ready 'Paulie Minetti', and if that's not enough he is rumoured to play 'Damien' in the upcoming 'Bar Hopping'! I'm getting goosebumps already.....

F.Y.I ~ Mr Baio has also made spine-tingling guest appearances in 'The Love Boat', ''Jacks Place', 'Out of this World'. 'Full House', 'The Nanny' and 'Veronica's Closet'. And has dabbled his hand in directing, in the TV series' 'Kirk','Harry & the Hendersons' and 'The Parkers'.

Updates? ~ Does anyone have a paparazzi exposé of our Chachi ~ maybe you brushed by his side in the produce section of the local supermarket? Or perhaps, you caught a glimpse of him minding the next-door neighbors' children? ?

Surely, that Baio perseverance (and pearly-white grin) will keep our Scott from fading into stale-sitcom oblivion. Face it, Charles will always be in charge; Lets give him a well-deserved, moment of silence....