Samantha Lombardi

Samantha Lombardi
Do you know what the most striking feature about me is? Yes me, Samantha Lombardi, a 14 year old aspiring female singer, songwriter and performer. What makes me unique? Well that's easy......I was born to entertain and I just live to sing. From experiencing the early Disney on Ice performances as a child to watching my favourite pantomimes during the holiday season, I knew right then that I wanted to be a classic entertainer. A timeless performer, wielding a strength and gusto that spirits you away to another place. You might like to ask where I got my musicality from. Well, while my sister Nat was learning the piano I put all my energy into perfecting my voice and honing my performance style in front of any audience that would sit down and listen to me bring it on, and I did this by singing along with my favourite idols which were back then, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey and Michael Jackson to name a few.

So being the adventurous and funky chick that presents herself to you today I am ready to put it all on the line and work tirelessly to develop my craft so that I can fulfil my life long dream and become that fiery and spirited artist that I always knew I could be. From my humble beginnings as a budding entertainer, where I performed at numerous shopping centre talent quests some of which incidentally I won, as well as live showcases at Crown Casino to recent live TV performances on the national network, C31. Most recently I was a featured performing artist on, "Jaanz Alive".

The next chapter of my colourful career is about to be written as I have been collaborating on some original material that I am writing and am about ready to enter the studio in the new year to lay down my first demo recordings.

Now, having given you a bit of the background let's get down to business? Here's a snapshot of who I am today. At fourteen I love having fun and....I have a passion for shopping. Let me re-phrase that, I'm addicted to shopping, and this helps keep me sane. But truth be told this need of mine to shop drives my parents crazy. But one thing that rivals my obsession with shopping is my love for song writing and learning to play the guitar. I know I don't have a lot to write about just yet, seeing I'm only 14 and all, but you can always dare to dream...right?So, this next open chapter in the book of my life is all about the fulfilment of my dreams.

The good news here is finding people who believe in me and the international team at MMI Entertainment are doing just that, and in so doing are helping me achieve my full potential as an artist in my own right. After all it's all down to dedication right? So part of the equation is having the right team of people working behind me to facilitate the development of my budding career. So, with this said look out for my soon to be launched website, coming soon to a computer screen near you. Which reminds me I am a sponge for information and love surfing the web and keeping up to speed with all my favourite artists in the pop/rock world? Good therapy I must say and fast becoming a bit of a passion of mine.

So, there you have it. A fun loving dedicated and committed artist with an intuitive knack of following my gut and my heart and always trying to get the very best out of any given situation. Are you ready? Click the link to find out more? Feel it for yourself and see why? There is so much on offer here with my music and my journey is just beginning. Looking forward to seeing you come on board and share the ride with me.

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