Napoleon Perdis Love Bite Lip Plump

Napoleon Perdis Love Bite Lip Plump
Napoleon Perdis makes love visible to his beauties on Valentine's Day 2007 with a love bite for the lips. The new Love Bite Lip Plump, which comes in 'Original' and 'Passion', will plump up the volume to create sensuous, sexy lips, totally irresistible for a kiss.

A 'love bite', traditionally defined as "a visible sign of love and passion that occurs during acts of intimacy that leaves a temporary mark on one's skin" provided the inspiration for Napoleon's latest addition to his constantly expanding cosmetics line. Love Bite Lip Plump contains capsicum pepper and cinnamon to stimulate and swell the lips, while menthol soothes and jojoba smoothes. Napoleon aims to inspire ladies "to spice up their lip life with Love Bite Lip Plump" encouraging "big is beautiful and full is fabulous."

A noticeable act of passion and lust, the 'love bite' has traditionally been recognised as a sexual act of human kind, this finding a timeless relevance in society. From references to the 'love bite' in the works of Shakespeare to modern day news bulletins of heiress Paris Hilton wearing a 'love bite' from her exotic pet Kinkajou Baby Luv (and many a boyfriend), earlier this year.

While Love Bite Lip Plump works well on its own for a naturally flushed and full look for lips, it can also be mixed with a favourite Napoleon Perdis DeVine Goddess lipstick for added colour.

Made in Australia
Size - 10ml (0.34 fl oz)
Love Bite Lip Plump 'Original'
Love Bite Lip Plump 'Passion'
RRP $25.00

Available from Napoleon Perdis stores, exclusively at David Jones department stores nationally, select independent retailers, and online at www.napoleonperdis.comStockist number: 1800 814 572