Nancy Drew 3 New Games: The White Wolf, Creature of Kapu Cave, Danger by Design

Nancy Drew 3 New Games: The White Wolf, Creature of Kapu Cave, Danger by Design

PC Game - Nancy Drew: The White Wolf of Icicle Creek

Follow a Trail to Hidden Secrets and Sabotage!

You, as Nancy Drew, are invited to work undercover at the Icicle Creek. Dangerous accidents, sabotaged properties, and explosions are followed by a mysterious white wolf appearing at each incident. Is this lone howling wolf a friend or foe?

Nancy Drew travels to the Canadian Rockies to investigate the Icicle Creek Lodge. Chantal, the owner of the lodge has asked her to uncover the culprit behind a recent string of suspicious accidents. To make matters worse, an eerie howling wolf keeps everyone up at night and terrorises the guests. The wolf also appears at the site of accidents and then mysteriously disappears when the police arrive. As Nancy makes her way to the cozy lodge, an explosion rocks the quiet night, destroying a bunkhouse. A wolf howls mournfully in the distance. Nancy has barely set foot on the premises and already trouble is afoot! Can Nancy solve this mystery before all the guests leave and Chantal is left out in the cold?

Key features:
Play as Nancy Drew and do double duty as a maid and detective as you clean for clues
Cook up savoury meals such as omelets, hamburgers, and salmon
Ride across the rolling snow in a snowmobile and avoid deadly hazards
Take aim in snowball fights and explore in snowshoes
Play Junior or Senior detective level and erase mistakes without starting over
Temperatures will depend on time of day, the clothes you are wearing and the time it is. So hypothermia is possible as a second chance
NEW puzzles, goofy Nancy moments, secrets, etc.
Hours of spell-binding game play

Rating: G - General
Ages: 10 to Adult

PC Game - Nancy Drew: Danger by Design

Danger Lurks Below the City of Lights - Can You Find It Before It Finds You?

Nancy Drew: Danger by Design has Nancy Drew flying to Paris to investigate the strange and unexplained behaviour of a top fashion designer.

Nancy Drew finds herself in Paris where she was sent by a nervous investor to check on Minette, a leading fashion designer whose strange, unexplained behaviour may delay her Spring Collection and potentially derail the fashion house. Strange threats and unwelcome guests arrive for Minette. Unsettling rumours dating back to an unsolved, historic mystery distract Nancy from the current task at hand.

As Nancy, players will sort through the web of suspects to look for clues. From Minette's old flame Dieter von Schwesterkrank to gorgeous model Jing-Jing Ling, deceit is woven deep within the fashion industry. Whether exploring the underground catacombs or abandoned metro stations for clues, players will need to rely on their powers of observation and deductive reasoning to solve this international mystery, and help Minette launch her Spring Collection on time.

Key features:
Immersive storyline
Rich character development
Intuitive interface
Vivid graphics

Rating: G - General
Ages: 10 to Adult

PC Game - Nancy Drew: The Creature of Kapu Cave

Team Up With the Hardy Boys to Track an Ancient Legend Through Hawaii

Nancy Drew: The Creature of Kapu Cave is the fifteenth installment in the award-winning Nancy Drew PC adventure game series.

Now, for the first time ever in a Nancy Drew PC game - assume the role of three different players: Nancy Drew, or Joe or Frank Hardy.

It's not all luaus and leis for Nancy Drew in The Creature of Kapu Cave as she travels to Hawaii as a research assistant for Dr. Quigley Kim. In transit, she runs into the Mapu family, who loan her an SUV and give her directions to Dr. Kim's camp. The Hardy Boys, on a separate covert operation, are also visiting Hawaii and staying at the cultural immersion centre run by the Mapu family.

Before leaving for the camp, Nancy is warned to avoid the secretive Hilihili research compound of Malachi Craven as some believe it's linked to the legend of Kane 'Okala - a man who narrowly escaped being sacrificed to the volcano but was left with a hideous, scarred appearance. When Nancy arrives at Camp Quigley, she discovers that the camp has been ravaged and Dr. Quigley is missing. As her adventure unfolds, Nancy discovers the Kapu or 'forbidden' cave and suspects that something mysterious is hidden behind the Tiki Centennials.

Key Features:
For the first time, the ability to play as three different characters: Nancy, Joe Hardy or Frank Hardy depending on the skills and clues needed to solve the mystery
Using the SUV GPS system to travel to a variety of exotic Hawaiian environments
An assortment of puzzles to gather clues that allows players to progress through the game
Snorkelling for shells and designing shell necklaces to earn 'big island bucks'
A second chance feature that enables players to take risks without starting over
Hints from Bess and George to help navigate the game
Two difficulty settings to allow players of all skill levels to solve the mystery

Rating: G - General
Ages: 10 to Adult

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